Which candles last the longest?

We love scented candles yet the same can help you to attain the appropriate results. Although, you can opt for natural wax, vegan or mineral wax. Even though the paraffin wax handles more scent yet the same can impact you negatively. These candles may last you longer but not as effectively as the beeswax variants. Alternatively, you can use soy wax candles for the best results. The quality of the wax, wicks and oils will give you a consistent burning candle. However, in terms of longevity, beeswax candles are the best. If you are using regular candles, then the same can be optimized using a wick that is cut down by 4 to 5 mm. This allows candles to burn evenly and then to prevent smoking. If you wish to make your expensive candles to last longer than use adequate storage strategies to attain the best results for your needs.