Which candles are healthy?

All forms of candles bought from the right retailer or online store after giving due consideration to the quality of the ingredients used can bring the best results. For instance - opting for summer inspired lemon-flavored candles offer a zesty breath of fresh air in the hot summer months. Similarly, using soy candles help to conjure up the images of freshness and cleanliness. Once you light them up, their natural aroma offers excellent results for your needs. To bring a positive impact on your home decor, light up sandalwood candles that lend a calming effect on your body. For those who love to highlight the home with a romantic appeal, using rose and jasmine fragrant candles is a good idea. Likewise, coconut candles or those designed by using bamboo are slightly expensive choices but can bring in awesome results for your home improvement needs. Their warm scent has a calming effect.