What should we do on Navratri festival?

Navratri means nine nights preceding the Dussehra festival. Therefore, each night has its own unique celebration to welcome in the nine forms of Goddess Durga into the home. Therefore, to make the most of your Navratri, use the following tips - • If you are observing fast - wake up early and then take a bath and then use fresh clean clothes before starting with the prayers • You need to perform puja in the morning and evening. Therefore, decorate your mandir to the best. Call in your friends and family to enjoy the day. If you have placed Sanjhi Mata on your walls, then worship her each day till Dussehra • Avoid wearing black colour during the festival and similarly avoid cutting hairs, nails, etc. during the festival • Eat organic preparation made from Sabudana or order in a special Navratri thali.