What are the common mistakes to avoid while decorating the Christmas tree?

Using the Christmas tree is a favorite tradition that lights up your home for the perfect festive cheer. You can go for cohesive colour themes that run through the house to the beautiful, customized DIY ideas to deck the halls. • Mistake no 1 - Opting for too much bling You may have heard that there is no such thing as too much bling. However, the same is not true. To achieve the best results, you need to avoid using too much bling, glitter, etc. Similarly, using too much tinsel in multiple hues is a big mistake. The same can make your tree appear over draped and too much bling. Wherever possible, avoid using these glittery decorations for the best results. • Mistake No 2 - Not choosing a colour theme Another unwanted mistake that people commit is using a tree decorated with multiple hues and then placed in an uncoordinated room decor. To avoid your home looking like a rainbow, go for sophisticated choices of colors like white, green, rose gold, etc. and stick to the same. • Mistake No 3 - Choosing the wrong lights for Christmas tree It is best to opt for the light and set of lights that complements your tree. Wherever possible, use white light for a white tree or warm shade for green trees. • Mistake No 4 - Using too much plastic There is nothing as having the plastic Christmas decor. Period. So, completely avoid these plastic ornaments and go for decorations made of glass, fabric or even timber to get the best results. Even if it becomes vital to choose the plastic decoration, opt for something with an expensive looking finish to get the best results. • Mistake No 5 - Using too less or too many baubles We all know that nothing can beat a beautiful and beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Hence, it is best to ensure that you have enough baubles on both the inner and outer branches. The same is vital to ensure that the same looks layered and classy. To buy the right baubles for your Christmas tree, go for the indianshelf store and gain the best results.