Stage Decoration For School Function Ideas (Latest Of 2020)

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Posted On: 10 January, 2022

In any school function, the need for a beautiful stage is a must for an eye-catching experience. It can be decorated with many innovative ideas according to related events. For school functions, the most important thing in stage decoration is its stunning view.

In any school function, the need for a beautiful stage is a must for an eye-catching experience. It can be decorated with many innovative ideas according to related events. For school functions, the most important thing in stage decoration is its stunning view.

There are many ways to begin with the stage decors like you can make use of balloons, ribbons, crepe papers, flowers, curtains, light, etc. For school stage decoration, it is necessary to have some creative ideas so that it looks inspiring for students as well as the attendees.

Balloons and Curtains are the most important thing while decorating the school stage. Make full use of balloons and curtains as both enhance the beauty of an empty place.


Balloons are a good option in addition to any school function, whether it’s for a kiddos' function or for a 12th class student. Balloons look beautiful and pretty for stage school function decoration. Balloons are one of the most inexpensive as well as simple decorations for school function celebrations. Simply, decorate the balloons in a creative and unique manner. Balloons decoration adds more style, colour and flair to school function events.


Curtains also play an important role in decorating a school stage. Generally, school stage curtains are simple but we can make them creative by using some paper cuttings (like trees made from the paper cutting) and we can place these cuttings around the corners of the curtain. Moreover, the curtains of the stage can be decorated with paper cuttings of plants and sun.

Simple Stage Decoration ideas For School Function

Ombre Balloons

Make use of Ombre Balloons as entrance decor, stage decor and even at stage backdrop. Ombre Balloons can easily be moved and even you can shape them accordingly, so that it can fit in your desired space.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights in the background are inexpensive as well as they provide an elegant touch. The stage of the school must be fully illuminated with lights. A beautiful floral backdrop at the stage with fairy lights will also look stunning.

Familiar Design

One can also embellish a guitar design , if there is a music festival. It's a familiar design (generally a peacock feather design) incarnated to draw the audience's attention.

Floral Backdrop

Floral backdrop looks very pretty when you decorate your school stage. An elegant hanging flower pot or planters strung everywhere with bright lights will definitely make your school stage decoration look beautiful.


Planters and flower pots around your stage can help add warmth and create an eco-friendly environment. The greenery must fit with your overall design and theme. A beautiful stage look full of greenery and freshness with full utilization of flower pots, planters, bushes, etc. gives a natural feel.

Color Contrast

Contrasting the colors is a reliable way to grab audiences' attention. Make use of different lighting and color combinations to make your school stage look awesome.

Lamp Shades

Use different-sized lamps or hang some of them with wire at different lengths as they provide a soft lighting. You can even hang umbrellas with fairy lights instead of lamp shades.

Cardboard Boxes

This school stage design involves creating your required scene with the help of cardboard boxes. They are movable as well as tearable. You can make numerous designs with them. Place them accordingly for quick set changes.

Cardstock Cutouts

Cardstock cutouts come in varied colors and they can move around too. Hang them with the help of threads and then use lighting and it will make a very easy and interesting stage decor. With the help of these cardstock cutouts, you can even draw, cut, colour and then hang these cartoon faces.

Foam Board

With the help of foam board, you can make numerous designs and they are inexpensive too. They can be mounted, shaped and even projected upon wooden frames.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns can be used in small as well as large spaces by simply adjusting the size or numbers of the shape. These patterns create interest and are often used in retro design.

Fan Designs

You can design a fan either by paper or plastic. Place them at the corners of the stage. The fan designs can even cover a large area or a small area as per your desire. They are worth-it and even looks like a simple stage decoration idea for school function.

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Stage Decoration Ideas For Annual Function

Pop-out Shapes

A backdrop created via a large cutout shapes to create a 3D effect in your school annual function. You can make use of various pop-out shapes with varied color combinations to create a distinctive stage look that fits your annual school function.

Cut-out Windows

Windows cutout shapes as a backdrop stage creates an interesting look for the viewers. It brings attention towards the children on-stage. During the event, it allows the natural light to shine throughout the day.

Stairway to Nowhere

This is one of the popular stage designs for a beauty pageant. It's a long staircase that seems to cloud from the heavens. It can be very effective for a school annual function as it can set an example like a Sage coming down from the mountains.

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Stage Decoration Ideas For School Annual Function


Shadows create a dramatic effect in the school annual function, when focusing lighting on any object. Just make sure to create a perfect shadow of the required object.

Choose different colors of curtains and drape it all over the backdrop stage. During the school annual function, you can also hang your school logo at the front of the school stage, so that the stage shows the school name, if anyone is covering the photoshoot.

Enchanted Garden

At the School Annual Function, the stage and backdrop can form as an enchanted garden. With box hedges at the front of the stage and a grassy backdrop, it will definitely form a heavenly look for the children as well as the audience.

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