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Singing Bowls(Dia 6.25

Singing Bowls(Dia 6.25 Hover
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Singing Bowls(Dia 6.25
Singing Bowls(Dia 6.25


Singing Bowls(Dia 6.25")

Singing bowls are used all over the world for meditation, medication, personal well being and relaxation. Singing bowls are played by striking the rim of the bowl with a padded mallet to emphasize the harmonic overtones and a continuous 'singing' sound. These are hand made by skilled cratfsmen using bell metal which is an alloy of several metals also calledkasa in hindi.

Details of this particular singing bowl are listed below:

  • Bell Metal/Kasa
  • Hight:3.25 inches approx
  • Diameter:6.25 inches approx
  • Stricker material: wooden and velvet

Posted in: Meditation Bowls

Product Code: BSB-26/6106

Size: 3.25

Material: Metal

Color: Multicolor

Diameter: 15.87 CM,


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