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Print Of Rare Indian Composite Elephant
Print Of Rare Indian Composite Elephant Hover

Print Of Rare Indian Composite Elephant

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A Half Goat Half Man sits on a composite Elephant comprised of fishes, dogs rats bold and bright colors completes its body . There are pictures of tiger and fishes on the trunk with a demon leading the elehant with fishes in a pot . Fanciful depictions of composite animals particularly elephants, camels and horses likely had originally come to India via Persian and Indo-Islamic sources - however here our mahout is a mughal servant .The stylistic provenance of this work is elusive, with elements of Deccan, Rajasthan and Pahari elements intermixing, like the composite subject itself.

  • Material : Paper
  • Length: 6.9 inches approx.
  • Width: 8 inches Approx
  • As it Appears

Posted in: Prints and Lithographs

Material: Paper, Color: Multicolor, Width: 20.32 CM, Length: 17.52 CM,

Product Code: PT-238/36200

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