Wedding Decoration: Best 15 Wedding Decoration Ideas | (2020)

Best 15 Wedding Decoration Ideas

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Your wedding too is no less than a dream. Make it look dreamier even more with these breathtaking decorations!

Mostly, for both the bride and the groom, the day of their wedding is no less than a dream come true. From catering to the dance floor, everything has to be perfect.

Flower arrangements to be customized and photographer to be finalized. The party favours to be prepared and the table cutlery to be set. Oh, and don’t forget the decorations.

While most guests attend a wedding for the purpose of witnessing the couple tying the knot and to offer them their blessings, they also pay equal attention to how the venue has been decorated and set up.

From the buffet where they relish on various snacks to the long, long draperies they look at while indulging in gossips, people do pay attention to each and every detail.

And so, if you’re setting up a wedding decoration, it’s a good idea to work on detailing. To help you with it, here are 15 amazing wedding decoration ideas you and your partner will fall in love with. Read on.

Cut-out Hanging Lanterns

A cluster of cut-out brass lanterns will add magic to a wedding decoration especially when some bright colours like magenta or purple are used in the theme.

Apart from hanging a lantern like this along the curtain lines, it’s also a good idea to use them on the stage ceiling if indoors.  

Red & Golden Umbrellas

In India, red and golden colours are considered to be auspicious for the newlywed brides. Most often, they wear the bridal lehengas too consist of these colour tones.

When the bride walks to the stage, usually her cousins or siblings hold a dupatta as a covering ceiling over her head. So, it’s quite interesting an idea to create a walkway ceiling out of small sized red & golden umbrellas.

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As she walks to the stage passing through down under these umbrellas, it won’t just make her feel special but will also make a gorgeous set of photograph memories to cherish!

‘Mr’ & ‘Mrs’ Balloons

Even though, it’s not an uncommon thing to use many colourful balloons in the wedding decorations. However, if many balloons are too much for your style, you can consider simply two large-sized balloons printed with labels of Mr. & Mrs.

Drapes & Canopies

Draperies play a very, very important role in determining the resulting appearance of a wedding theme. Long flowy draperies when done right can give the decorations the essential flair.

This goes true for anything including the table setting, the chair wraps and the walls. Consider silky satins. Or, something sophisticated like white georgette is also a dazzling choice to think about.

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Chalkboard Tags

Chalkboard style is happy-go-lucky kind of light-hearted style. If you want something luxurious without going too much delicate, consider different kinds of chalkboard decorations for your wedding.

A great idea is to have little chalkboards in your buffet area displaying the labels and tags for dishes. Another think you can do is to have a large chalkboard stand at the entrance with a message of welcoming the guests.

Sparkling Glass Tealight Candles

Candles and love go hand in hand. However, pondering on the safety side, if you have been worrying about using regular real flame candles, battery operated tealight candles are perfect alternatives.

In fact, these days you’ll find a huge, huge medley of tealight candle types and wedding specials in the stores. To do something eclectic, think of coloured glass sparkle candles in jewel tones. 

Customized Photo Napkin Holder

Of the recent days of pre-wedding photo shoots, you’ll spot many weddings displaying this trend. The thing is, to take one or more of the photographs shot during the pre-wedding sessions, and to display these photographs on the tables.

Instead of plain photographs, you can also use these photographs in the personalization of decoration items like napkin holders,

Rustic Style Cocktail Stand

Want to have a bar or a separate drinks area in your wedding? Consider a rustic style wooden table stand. Place some empty wine or soft drink bottles on the top along with tealight candles and bowls of nuts.

Pops of Colour For Dessert Tables

While you can’t have ample decorations on buffet stalls serving items like chaat or hot snacks, the tables serving desserts can be decorated with some fancy ideas.

Since many desserts like pastries, puddings, cake toppings and muffins contain plenty of colour, it’s a good idea to add soft pastel shades to the table. Add pastel toned flowers, confetti, popsicle toy sticks and garlands to decorate this area.


Giant Letters Marquee Lights

The era of disco lighting isn’t over yet. It’s evergreen actually. So, get some giant letter shaped marquee lights. The letters might read something like ‘LOVE’ or the names of the newlyweds. Display them wide and high surrounded with floral strings, garlands and silk draperies.

Neon Ornaments

Replace the classic yellow and white light strings, and replace them with some flashy neon ornaments, especially for areas like dance floor. Use light-able mirror balls to complement to the rocking feel.


LED Cherry Blossom Tree

Set up your fairytale entrance with a charming cherry blossom tree glimmering with tiny LED or fairy lights. You can also use these trees in smaller sizes as table centrepieces for wooing the guests even more.

Retro Style Bikes

While most grooms arrive in their wedding sitting in a car or on horseback, if you wish to try something different consider a retro style bike instead.

Not too attractive to hear but absolutely perfect for making some of the most beautiful photographic and memorable moments in your wedding.

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Exotic Floral Walls

A flower wall is almost always a must-have in a wedding decoration. Apart from adding a swoon-worthy display, it also gives the fragrance a wedding decoration requires.

In addition to the traditional marigold strings, you can also consider some exotic varieties such as peonies, lilies, tuberoses, orchids, baby’s breath etc.

Cappuccino-Coloured Coffee Filter Flowers

Coffee filter paper is a beautiful craft material used in creating many wedding design sets.

For a sophisticated and mellow appearance, create a floral arch made with cappuccino coloured coffee filter papers complementing them with decoration themes of white, brown, pink, golden, purple and green.