Valentines Day- 8 Days of Relentless Celebration of Pure Love

Love is a beautiful emotion that makes people overwhelmed with joy when they experience it. It is, in fact, the strongest emotion in the world that makes us do wonders. The world would be a much better place if every human being followed and practiced the language of love. One of the days on which we celebrate love is valentine's day. It is a traditional day when people express their love for each other by giving roses and gifts, sending greeting cards and lovely messages to each other, and offering sweets and chocolates. People also give a teddy bear as a token of love.

In recent times, Valentine's day symbols that are trending high are the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of a cupid with wings. Lovers wait excitedly and anxiously for this day to express and celebrate their love and affection towards each other. Let us trace the eight days of relentless celebration of pure love starting from Rose Day.

Rose Day-

Rose day is on February 7th, where couples give fresh red roses to each other as a token of love. This day can be celebrated in multiple ways making the entire week special and memorable for your loved one. When choosing a fresh bouquet of roses, add a few sweets, lovely love quotes that are sure to impress your loved one. Roses are the best way to share your delicate feelings and emotions with someone special to you.

Propose Day-

It is the second day of the love week or Valentine's Day week. If you have not yet confessed your love to your loved one, today is the day to propose to her or him. When confessing your love, you will not go empty-handed. Carry a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, or a lovely gift like a mug when sharing what you feel about the person.

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Chocolate Day-

This day symbolizes sweetness in your love life. On this third day of the love week, strengthen your bond by gifting chocolates to your loved one. With so many branded chocolate options available these days. You are sure going to be spoiled for choice. Why not start your day with chocolate melting in your mouth. Begin your morning with hot chocolate full of marshmallows in it that will melt in your mouth.

Teddy Day-

It is the fourth day of Valentine's Day. It is the cutest day of the week and is celebrated by gifting a cute teddy to the one who holds a special place in your heart. Express your unconditional love for him/her and make this day special. Just because it is a teddy day, it doesn't mean that you cannot add other gifts along with a teddy for your loved one. Look for something that will surely make your loved one happy and smile looking at your tender love.

Promise Day-

The fifth week of Valentines' week, the couple promises to stay with each other. It is a gorgeous day full of hopes, aspirations, and dreams. Make this day extra special by gifting chocolates, flowers, fragrances, silver jewellery, and a lot more.  These gifts are a token of love for the person special and close to your heart.

Hug Day-

As the name suggests, the couple hugs each other and reiterates the promises they have made to each other. A simple, pure-hearted hug is worth a thousand words. A tender cuddle or hug shows the other person how much he or she is loved and cherished. Look for a simple gift for the loved one and make this day etched in memories forever.

Kiss Day-

It is a beautiful day, and the couple seals their relationship with a lovely kiss. The couple who is deeply in love shows this love in the way of a kiss. Buy him or her a special gift and celebrate this day. You can buy mugs, cosmetics, soft toys, perfumes, and more as a gift.

Valentine's Day-

Finally, the day arrives brighter and shinier. As soon as the day rolls in, start celebrating every moment of the day with your soulmate. It is a day of love and commitment. Live every moment to the fullest. Plan this day in such a way that you spend some quality time with each other. Exchange gifts, enjoy a candle-lit dinner, dance to your heart's content, and enjoy this week of love. Every day of Valentine's Day week is special and has to be enjoyed with the loved one.

It doesn't matter if your loved one is not in the same city as you are in. You can still show your love by selecting and sending the choicest gifts for a very special person in your life. Look for something sure to bring a smile of pure happiness on the smile of the person you love.