Ganpati Decoration Ideas | Unconventional Ganpati Statues and Ganpati decoration ideas for mandal 2020

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival that symbolizes the welcoming of Lord Ganesha. The festival is celebrated with huge zeal and enthusiasm all over the nation.

The festival marks the birth of Lord Ganesha with people buying beautiful Ganpati Statues for seeking divine blessings. The festival lasts for 11 days' where Bappa makes entry to the devotee's home, and generous offerings of modaks bring joy to the festival.

Therefore, If you wish to have the best Ganpati decoration ideas for home to welcome the elephant-headed Lord then you are at the right place.

Ganpati decoration ideas for home 2020

One of the best parts of opting for our DIY Ganpati decoration ideas for home 2020 is that you can use anything around the house to enhance the appeal of your home this festive season.

1. Ganpati Statues from maida

You can use a dough made from All-purpose flour (Maida) and add a pinch of turmeric to get eco-friendly Ganpati Statues. It  is extremely affordable, satisfying, and rewarding. 

These DIY ideas for creating healthy Ganpati like - Maida, chocolate, dung cake, thermocol, and coconut husks add a unique appeal to your home and will bring the best Ganesha statue on a budget.

2. Disco ball decor for Ganpati statues

If you have already ordered for Ganpati statues online then add charm to his resting place by opting to create DIY disco ball pinata. 

It can also be used by breaking old CDs. With little lighting at the right places, you can create a rainbow appeal for Bappa's welcome. It is extremely easy and uses affordable solutions to create a beautiful charm.

You can also place these pinatas near the eco-friendly Ganpati Statues to bring more charm to the same.

3. Bunch of roses to create Bappa

If you are having Flower Pots at your disposal, use them to create a giant statue of Ganesha. Also, you can easily use the Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers  to create a Ganesha statue. 

For the best results, place a few of the rose stems in an overlapping fashion inside a glass jar to get a beautiful charm to the festival decor.

4. Hanging jam jar vases and mirchi lights

Another of the best Ganpati decoration ideas is homemade jam jar hangers or wine bottles and mirchi lights. Place these behind the Ganpati Statue to add a touch of aesthetic appeal and elegance to your home. 

Another great idea is to use glass pebbles to stick outside of these jam jars and then leave it on a pedestal. Add a big yellow bulb inside and enjoy a colorful display of colors and patterns that will bring a unique appeal around the Bappa's makhar. Put these in a dark room and see the interplay of colors and styles around the Lord.

5. The tin can makeover!

The most impressive way to get the right Ganpati decoration ideas for home 2020 is to reuse the tin cans. Cut their base and place these on walls. Once done, spray paint them in golden ombre or metallic shades and adorn these with traditional earthen lamps.

This idea brings positivity to the home and makes an impressive use of the household stuff bringing the best results on a shoestring budget.

6. Lotus diya Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers

Another popular idea of Ganpati decoration ideas with flowers is the lotus diya decor. This decor idea is easy and affordable.

All you need to do is to draw a lotus flower on a sheet of pink and green crafts paper. Use a pen to create swirls and then to the center of this, place a diya.

You can also use a large number of disposable spoons are placed atop each other in the form of lotus formation for the best results. 

7. Playdough Ganesha statues

There are numerous other advantages of using Eco-friendly and affordable Ganpati decoration ideas like thermocol and play-doh to bring festive cheer. It is a simple and easy way to teach your kids about the great Lord and boost their creative talent. 

8. Glittering Ganpati decoration ideas with paper flowers

Use shimmer and glitter to add to the fun of the Ganpati decoration ideas with paper flowers

So, use the traditional tissue paper floral arrangements or decoration ideas for your home. You can easily opt to bring a touch of pearls, glitter, and spray paint to make impressive ideas. Also, this method is extremely affordable and reliable. 

9. Ganpati decoration ideas for mandal using Rangoli designs

It is a festive time, and the Ganpati decoration ideas for mandal help to add a new lease of life to the existing decor. So, add colors to the floor by using traditional rangoli colors and patterns to adorn the Puja room and mandal.

You can also use a variety of flowers to design a colorful and fun pattern for your Ganesha theme. The idea is eco-friendly and brings instant beauty to the home.

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10. Stencils add to the fun Ganpati decoration ideas for home

Use Ganpati decoration ideas for home using stencils and stylish diyas. These give a clear and interesting look to the same. Using this approach can bring an interesting idea of eco-friendly home decor that can last for a lifetime.

11. Gold spray decor

You can never have enough gold decor ideas for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. Use stencils, diyas, and pots along with spray paint to create a golden decor idea. 

12. Clay animals for home decor

Create your faux animal decor out of clay and hay. You can opt to decorate the Ganesha statue along with a complete row of your favorite animals like elephants, deer, etc.

It creates a healthy and lovely appeal to the decoration and boosts the imagination of your children.You can also use the same to re-create the scenes from mythological tales to help your child remember better.

13. Diyas for festivities

Stick bangles together in zigzag or creative patterns to create a tealight or diya holder.  

It is an extremely simple and excellent method to make a subtle impression on your guests. So, curate your bangles nicely and stack them in various shapes or along with other materials to create diya holders, lamps, etc., and impress your friends and family.