Wall Hanging Ideas (New Of 2020) 15 Top Wall Hanging Ideas |

If you want the walls of your house to look beautiful, you don’t need to do anything at all. Your home’s happy memories are enough to turn a plain and passive wall into a beautiful one. However, if you have been thinking lately to give your already beautiful walls a slightly artistic touch, these super artsy wall hanging ideas are perfect for you. Read up, below.


1. Votives Shelf Above Bed

Nothing looks more romantic than having candles beside your bed. While you can’t always have real wax candles on your bedside, a set of votive candles is a good alternative. Look for the ones coming in white colour with golden glitter coating.

As for the place where to keep them, think of a shelf constructed on one of the walls touching your bed. Light these candles solo for a soft glow in your room.

2. Rustic Style Faux Wreath

Ever dreamed of waking up in a country style farm’s bedroom? Well, make your own by creating a wood wall out of planks and pallets pasted vertically. Hang a faux wreath at the centre top of the wall giving off a rustic style to your walls.


3. DIY Hanging from Repurposed Old Mirror

Got an old mirror? Its frame might have turned cracked or maybe, its polish no longer offers the same shine. Either way, you can turn this mirror into a brand new one. Just take some cut-out strips of wood, metal or cardboard.

Paste these strips to crowd the mirror’s outline giving the look of a newly styled mirror frame depending on whether it carries a circular, rectangular triangular or any other geometric shape.

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4. DIY Coasters Wall Hanging ideas

Coasters aren’t meant just to adorn the tabletops. In fact, with only a little bit of knack for homemade craft, you can turn your coaster collection into an incredible wall art piece.

The simplest thing you can create is by tying one coaster below the other forming a basic wall hanging. Hang this on your wall with the help of a wall hook. For more exquisite and detailed hangings, think of ceramic coasters, wooden coasters and beaded coasters. 

5. Fairy Lights & Framed Quotations

If you’re a college student or a young professional, this is a great idea to execute on the walls of your room or office. Besides, it is not too expensive. Most likely, you’ll find plenty of framed wall quotation pieces including the script lettered ones in any home décor or stationary store.

If you can’t find any, you can create your own by taking a printout and then framing it. Place strings of fairy lights in the background of the quotations to make your motivation soar even more.

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6. Tassels & Pompoms Wall Hanging Ideas

While tassels are known to offer a more animated style, pompoms complete the look with their overloaded cuteness and fluffy texture. Multiple colours look awesome, of course. Two to three colours look best.

But even a single colour such as black or blood red will give a neat and spectacular wall display. You can always find these hangings in various handicraft stores but if you prefer making them at home, you can also make use of puff balls in place of pompoms.

7. Pen, Paper & A Frame Wall Hanging Ideas

If you like to make doodles and drawings, this is a great wall decoration concept for you. Take some sheets of plain white or grid paper. Make the drawings of your choice with a black marker pen.

Frame these drawings in a black wooden frame. To keep it a bit rawer, let the drawings stay black and white without any colour. If you have some existing drawings, even they can be framed for the purpose.


8. Hanging Succulents & Honeycomb Shelves Wall Hanging Ideas

These days, honeycomb shelves come available in a variety of colours and finishes. Buy a set of honeycomb shelves and place some of the hanging style succulent plants in some or all the shelves.

Examples of hanging style indoor succulents include String of Pearls, String of Bananas, Aloe Vera, Crown of Thorns etc. Instead of hanging these freely from the shelves, you can also use succulent baskets to do the job.

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9. Loose Greenery & Garlands

Begin with loose vines or a garland sprawling across the walls. In addition to this, you can use Bohemian style green wall hangings suspended from a twig, tree branch or a rod of wood.

If your room consists of a window leading to a garden area, a good idea is to extend a branch of a tree on one of your walls. Just make sure to take measures against insects that might seep inside from outdoors.


10. Canvas Hanging

A canvas hanging on the wall gives a clean and settled look. When it comes to decorating your wall with a canvas, there are plenty of ways. One of the finest options is canvas wall art.

A canvas wall art is a sophisticated item depicting luxury on the walls of a space. The number of choice options available for surface finishes makes it even preferable. Other than a canvas wall art, a canvas style chalkboard is also a good idea, especially for places like a kids’ craft room. 

11. String Design Wall Hanging Ideas

String art is an emerging craft much similar to embroidery and canvas painting. If you want to give your walls an abstract and fringing kind of display, choose a string design wall hanging.

There are many designs available in the stores. From geometric patterns to flowers and birds, you will find a magnanimous basket of designs; each one so pretty that you’ll want to buy just one more!

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12. Scroll Wall Sconces

Imagine black toned wrought iron wall sconce or candle holder featuring scroll design. Gorgeous, wouldn’t that be? You’ll find several ornate variations of candle holders like these. Apart from being much elegant, they are also very rustic in visual appeal.

13. Hand Carved Mandala Panel

A mandala pattern is as gorgeous as it is considered sacred. A carved metallic mandala will look absolutely incredible on anywhere from your entrance facing wall to a wall standing against your bed. A panel like this looks best in the materials like wood, gauge steel, mercantile grill metal etc. 

14. Sun Face Wall Hanging

The Sun’s face is believed to carry an auspicious aura around it. You too may have seen a Sun face hanging on your neighbour’s door knocker or on a wall of your cousin’s drawing room. From brass to copper to clay and bronze, there are different material manufacturing options you can select from.

15. A Grid of Ceramic Tiles

In the earlier days, tiles were considered well suited only for the floors. But these days, tiles are used in nearly every region of a home’s decoration setting. To decorate the walls, choose colourful ceramic tiles featuring a floral pattern or some motif drawing. Arrange these tiles on the wall in the form of a kaleidoscope-like grid.

They are ideal for pretty much any kind of space including a living room or a lobby, a craft room, a boutique etc. They will also look great when placed beside a table cupboard standing against the wall.