Top 15 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas | Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas |

Gifting is not an easy task at all. You need to think a lot about what to give the couple in love. For making it somewhat more accessible, let's discuss some of the top wedding anniversary gift ideas.

A Flower Bouquet Subscription-

You can give a bouquet full of colourful and beautiful flowers as it's the best and romantic gift for your wife that will always be in trend and style.

You can present your wife with beautiful and fresh flowers with just a subscription to your floral delivery service as we know that most of the floral delivery services offer you free delivery services.

The benefit of this flower subscription is that you will receive fresh, single and mixed flowers weekly, monthly or yearly at an affordable price delivered at your door-step.

It would help if you chose the subscription type accordingly. For example, you can give a bouquet of red roses to your wife. As roses express joy, love, admiration, passion, gratitude and appreciation, it is the best thing to present to your wife.

These eye-catching bouquets are a perfect gift for every month as a sweet surprise to your wife that will peak up your romance. You have to tell your florist to deliver the bouquet to your wife every month.

Engraved Keychain-

Keychain is highly durable, and so it's a memorable gift which shows how much you love and care about that particular person for years. You can personalize the keychain by engraving a kind and thoughtful message or initials of their name to create a memorable gift for them.

You can even customize the keychain with your handwritten message or love quotes. Wherever the receiver goes, he/she will love to carry this keychain along with them.

You can also add a beautiful note as a sweet message in the bottom layer of the keychain. The critical chain is generally made of metal. The keychain is an inexpensive gift for gifting someone to show their lasting friendship, their bonding or relationship between both of them.

Silver Jewellery Box-

Undoubtedly, you have gifted your wife with much new jewellery throughout the years, you need a big and beautiful jewellery box to store all her jewellery at one place. For creating a personalized touch, you need to engrave the top of the jewellery with her monogram.

Jewellery, whether it's gold jewellery or silver jewellery, is undoubtedly every woman's favourite. Nowadays, silver earrings are in huge demand. So, you can even gift your wife with some silver earrings this wedding anniversary. You need to convey your love and care through these jewellery pieces which will please her.

Tickets to an Event-

Instead of buying sports gear for your husband, provide him tickets to watch his favourite singer or team play either on the same day or in the coming future with you.

You can enjoy a romantic dinner together just before the show, then have some drinks during the game and then cheer on his favourite team like he usually does. He will be pleased to see you as crazy as him.

Cord Organizer-

If your hubby's laptop, phone, power bank and iPad charger are always mixed up together in a mess, you need to buy a cord organizer consisting of 4-5 slots and a pouch attached to the bottom.

After receiving this cord organizer with him, he will safely store all the chargers there and never misplace any of the chargers again. You can also give this cord organizer as a special return gift as it is beneficial to your wife too.

Mr and Mrs coffee mug-

A coffee mug is a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary. This pair of coffee mugs come with 'Mr' and 'Mrs' engraved in a stylish font. As coffee mugs are made of very high-quality ceramic, the cups are best and different from other mugs available in the market.

Every coffee mug comes with a colourful, matching lid with a spoon and even has a unique and stylish pattern. You can easily wash them with the help of a dishwasher.

Photo Frame-

For making this wedding anniversary unique and memorable for the lovely couple, you need to choose some unique clicks of them and get it framed to please them seeing those beautiful, memorable pictures.

You can choose your favourite photo frame or even customize the photo frame according to your needs. Gifting a photo frame is perfect for the couple in love. After all, it's an extraordinary occasion for both of them.

Wine Decanter-

 A cute and stylish vessel which is used for liquor decantation such as wine makes an elegant wedding anniversary gift. This wine decanter set usually gifted as a wedding anniversary gift for your husband. Gifting a wine decanter set is so much more perfect if you and your husband both like to enjoy a few glasses of wine together.


You can give the newlyweds a pair of smartwatches with sleek looks and necessary watch capabilities. We all know that smartwatches are a combination of a smartphone and a watch. Smartwatch features include call, text, social media, sleep monitors, email, etc. Thus, smartwatches make a perfect choice as a wedding anniversary gift.

Wireless Bluetooth-

 If the person you want to gift is a music lover, you can give him/her a wireless Bluetooth as a unique wedding anniversary gift. He/she would love to have this wireless Bluetooth as it looks both classy as well as trendy.

Fitness Tracker-

A fitness tracker is the best wedding anniversary gift if you and your wife love to work out. It is best for performing your daily exercise, and it also monitors and tracks your sleep for maintaining a better-balanced lifestyle.

Bluetooth Speaker-

You can give your wife a Bluetooth speaker, which you can select from a different variety of options online or offline. Nowadays, Amazon Alexa is in trend as it's a perfect home assistant as well as a virtual assistant.

You can even choose a small but portable Bluetooth speaker for indoor/outdoor use (i.e. for home use or party use or office use). In short, you can choose the Bluetooth speaker according to her needs and preferences.

Anniversary Album-

 You can order an anniversary album from your photographer. You need to choose some unique photos throughout their life and then engrave it for gifting your parents on their wedding anniversary.

They will feel special and happy after receiving the album. This anniversary album is a perfect gift for milestone anniversaries. The anniversary album is a beautiful gift for your parents as it shows their love and care in all the pictures. 

Personalized Sign Board-

 You need to create a cute signboard for your parents. You can personalize the signboard by engraving their names on it along with the loving names of their children and grandchildren. This wedding anniversary gift for your parents will be a lovely gift of love and care. You need to choose some bright and bold colours for filling the signboard.

Personalized Clock-

You need to buy a beautiful personalized clock to give your parents so that they can place it in their bedroom or living room. You can even personalize it by engraving with the name of the couple or their initials.


You can also embed their year of marriage or anniversary year. This personalized wedding anniversary gift for your parents is a necessary wall hanging decorative item.