Stage Decoration (Unique & Trending Of 2020): Top 10 Stage Decoration Ideas | (2020)

While on stage, you are in an entirely new world. Be it a wedding stage or the stage for an event, the real daily life simply drops away with a fresh veil of moods, fragrances, designs, emotions and decorations. To a great extent, a stage, any stage, is associated with drama. Dramatic entrance, therefore, plays a pretty role herein.

Apart from that, the design elements of the stage matter as much as the performance and performers. Even the best of events can turn boring if the stage is bland.

On the other hand, if the stage is perfect, even the wishy-washy performances can receive some terrific reviews. Moving ahead, an ideal stage decoration is the one which delights the audience even before the presentation has started.

So, we scraped through the surface of some latest decoration trends to present you with some dashing stage decoration ideas, which you’ll find here, down below. And thus, for your next event, show or performance, family function or a wedding, you can just set the stage on fire!


1. Curtain Backdrops

Unless the event demands digital, curtain backdrops almost always go well. For event based on cultural or traditional themes, complement the curtain backdrop with some ornate wall hooks or decorative tieback clip pieces coming in metallic colours.

2. Raw & Rustic Stage Decoration Ideas

Introduce some rustic elements to your event, celebration, show or wedding. Bamboo, cane, straw, fibre and clay are some interesting materials to incorporate.

Talking of fibre, coconut’s fibre as well its husk is used for making some splendid decorations which you will find easily across some handicraft streets. Consider these coconut fibre decorations or some cute coir toys too.

Having said, this is a wonderful idea to execute specially in the theatre shows which are likely to demand a raw and real kind of setting, mostly.

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3. Flowers & Finials

One of the most common and also, an evergreen stage decoration idea. Be it a wedding or a corporate festival celebration, flowers always work. While for the informal or family functions, you can choose any flower including lilies, roses, peonies and all but when it comes to a public event or a performance show, marigolds are perfect.

Think of a cascading flower wall or little floral arches settled throughout the stage backdrop. Add some attitude for the presenters with crystal post finials at the sides of the stage. Add hints of ethnicity with a South Indian style tiered brass oil lamp.

4. Play of Paintings & Projections Stage Decoration Ideas

Projection mapping is a common idea used in weddings and many stage functions already. To make it look not too overwhelming or messy, it’s a great idea to go for geometric designs and textures.

While throwing a projection on the wall or many walls, you can also make use of beautiful paintings which match the theme of the event. For a formal event, you might want to use a 3D logo to project at the ceiling of the audience. For a royal style wedding, you can use cultural, mythological or folk style paintings on the walls surrounding the stage.

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5. Behind The Shadows

Stage and shadows walk hand in hand, to much extent. Make shadows work in at least one part of the stage, be it a corner. You might think that this comes under the arena of stage lighting. But this is also true that the shimmer and glimmer of some decorative elements also add to the glamour.

Think about Mughal style lattice decorations or some vintage candlestick chandeliers. While the lighting is at its work, you can also use some elaborate clothing or cardboard designs made out of printing blocks.

6. Ceiling Clusters Stage Decoration Ideas

When it comes to audience or guests, plain ceilings may not have much meaning. But when it comes to the main stage, ceilings do matter. Unless it is a talk show or a formal event, clusters are a great idea to go with.

From clusters of lightweight decorative chains to a cluster of ceiling lamps, everything will look amazing as long as it is neat and not too long. A mesh cluster of flowers is a great idea too!

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7. Go Vertical Stage Decoration Ideas

Focus on the height of the stage. Use vertical columns, pillar posts and vertical trellises. Going vertical makes even a small-sized stage look bigger and grander.


8. Lushness & Lampshades Stage Decoration Ideas

Good idea for formal events. Most events like these come with requirements of plush sofas or chairs settled along with a peaceful, calm ambience. This is also a wonderful setting for events involving spiritual gatherings or meditation sessions.

For softness in lighting, use lampshades, one or more of these. Complement indoor plants or a meditation bowl if you want.

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9. Lines & LEDs Stage Decoration Ideas

Clean lines and smooth curves offer simplicity yet give the look of elegance. Use geometric paper or accessories designed likewise. Highlight the lines even more with the help of multi-colored LED lights.

It’s also a great idea to have some craft items in white colour and then throw the LED lighting on these from different angles, to offer a dazzling effect.


10. Droplets of Dreams

All kids want is colour, craft and lots of fun. Consider a colourful backdrop. Use design elements of balloons, stars, lace, paper and glitter to make the stage stand out like a wonderland.