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A vintage piece of furniture is nothing less than an heirloom and every possible step must be taken to ensure that the piece is maintained for posterity.

Restoration of vintage furniture and fittings like door knobs or door handles can denote two things – one, where the work of restoration is done to make the piece look new; and second when the piece is restored so that it does not degrade any further. 

In either case, the restoration work has nothing to do with repairing the furniture. You choose to restore your vintage furniture when the need to breathe in new life into the piece is felt. Also, the material of the furniture, because it is old, needs to be preserved and protected so that external factors do not cause the material to deteriorate. You can even restore brass door handles and kitchen door handles.

While repairing a furniture piece is about converting it from its dysfunctional stage to a usable condition; while restoration involves is about restoring the dents and scratches and, in the process, making the furniture agreeable and workable.

What are the different factors that the restoration of a wood furniture piece depends upon?

Type of wood

The nature of the wood determines to a great extent how the restoration work will be carried out. If your door knockers and cabinet handles are also made up of wood and are showing signs of wear and tear, it can be easily restored. Each wood type has its own set of personalities. Different types of wood need to be treated differently – treating all of them in a similar manner is not a wise idea.

For example, furniture made from oak wood needs more careful handling. It also needs to be filled with grain. Mahogany wood needs to be filled with grain to get an even finishing. This too requires extra care.

Pinewood and maple wood on the other need similar types of handling, even though pine is soft, and maple is hardwood. You also remember that when the wood gets stained and starts to develop blemish.

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Significance of restoration of vintage furniture

When your classic furniture and kitchen cabinet knobs is no more beautiful because it starts to look worn-out and used, it is time to restore the piece. 

When the piece has lost its piece of original charm and also a part of its functionality, then it is time to get the furniture rejuvenated. 

The restoration work, if done by the trusted and the best hands, you can be sure that the beauty co-efficient of the furniture increases multiple times. Though the market value can take a backseat after the restoration work, the effort is worth every last penny you put into it.

- Restoring antique furniture piece is the ideal way out when your hereditary piece gets damaged. Instead of deciding to repair or trash it off, consider getting it restored. 

- Imagine the sentimental values that the furniture has for you and your parents, grandparents, and so on. if the piece has been handed down from forefathers, then you need to preserve it at all costs. Restoration is one of the best ways to ensure that the make of the furniture is maintained as it is. 

- Restoration is a budget-friendly process as compared to repairing or replacing the piece together.

- Often restoring the piece can increase its value tremendously instead of decreasing it.

Antique furniture pieces should never be restored all on your own. It is a big chance that you are taking by doing so. The wooden furniture can get damaged further or get spoilt when you do it yourself. 

The best thing to do is to call in furniture restoration experts for the job. It is also a messy affair; remember that. Doing the work with evenness and finesse can be a challenge even for experts; for amateur, it can be really a tough job. You need to have a proper understanding of the wood quality to be able to do justice to the piece.