Saraswati puja pandal decoration ideas for home

Amazing Saraswati puja pandal decoration ideas for home

Vasant Panchami is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati and is revered for Her blessings in arts, science and music education.

The common Saraswati statues carry an image of Goddess sitting on Her vehicle or Lotus. It symbolises Her true power and supreme personality. Her swan is symbolic of purity while Lotus and Tiger represent the Rajas and Tamas Guna.

She is also depicted as possessing four hands and playing Veena. Celebrations often use yellow or mustard colour to evoke Her divine blessings. It symbolises knowledge, light, energy, prosperity and peace. Worshipping Her is important before starting any enterprise, marriage or building a new home.

Eye-catching Saraswati Puja pandal setup

Goddess Saraswati is well respected across India. She is worshipped in different ways which contributes to the regional diversity. Even Prasad for Her varies across each region.

However most common Saraswati Puja pandal decoration ideas include -

  • Rangoli

The floor decoration is exquisite especially if you use traditional Rangoli or Alpona. Different methods of making rangoli and items like rice, chalk paste, brush, etc. can be used to enhance the area. Swans in Rangoli are another great way to please the Goddess.

  • Pottery

Easter India uses pottery decoration ideas for the same. The use of earthen lamps, bowls, lamp stands, figurines, wooden spoons, etc. are decorated creatively to attain the best results.

The actual style and colour of the statue must be taken into consideration for complementing the entire arrangement.

  • Manai decoration

Another staple of Saraswati Puja pandal setup is the plank called Manai. The same is cleaned well and then decorated with lines. Kollam and Kaavi borders accentuate the area.

  • Pooja staples

Preparing sandalwood paste and applying on the forehead of the Goddess is important. Turmeric powder and Kumkum can also be used.

Use lotus flowers, especially white ones to get the perfect setting. Similarly white flower garlands must be placed around the Saraswati statue.

The must-haves for Saraswati Puja

Here are some of the staples for your Pooja pandal setup -

  • Khager Kalam

To evoke Her blessings for the education of your kids or further your own educational endeavours, etc. use Khager Kalam. An inkpot is placed before the Goddess filled with milk. Khager Kalam is used to write 'Pronam mantra' on leaves.

Placing this in a pandal brings divine blessings and helps young kids to get special guidance. Similarly, white cloth may be used to adorn the backside of the statue.

  • Adorn with candles

You can decorate the pandal with loads of candles, earthen lamps or oil lanterns. It is important to ensure the safety of the area.

  • Flowering plants and planters

While decorating a huge pandal, use a lot of planters. Choose flowering plants and banyan trees to decorate the pandal.

Yellow marigold flowers can be used to enhance the beauty of the area. These can be arranged creatively to create a stunning display.

Use teal-coloured flowers

To symbolise the wisdom and creativity endowed by the Goddess, use teal coloured flowers. You can simply enhance the beauty of the area with simple alterations. Potted plants like Jasmine can be cultivated with ease. Similarly you can use pale blue combination or whites to decorate the pots. To create a lively scenery, opt for pottery bowls and vases in similar colours to blend in with the theme.

Budget decorations that are royal and fun

Being on shoestring budget doesn't mean that your celebrations need to take backstage. Here are some ideas to make your pandal feel dapper -

  • Drapes

With larger pandals, drapes work the best. You can choose from colourful fabrics and drape it across the pandal.

Similarly white clothes can be used to cover items that are beyond the reach of the devotees. These blend perfectly with major colour schemes.

  • Unique photo frames

Since Goddess Saraswati is represented as white complexioned young lady with white lotus and prayer books, Her posters must be placed across the pandal. Choose decoration ideas that work well with all themes.

As a result, planters wreaths, leaf frames, etc. must be used. To give finishing touches, opt for lime powder to decorate the sidelines. Similarly Jharokas can be repurposed to hold these posters.

  • Bouquets around the pandal

Seasonal offerings can enhance the beauty of the place. Avoid bouquets that have a lot of similarly coloured blooms can be chosen. These may include lillies and roses but these can be an expensive investment.

Add lots of leaves and greenery to fill the spaces between blooms. Similarly it is important to choose baby's breath for texture.

  • Silver altar

Use loads of wrapping paper or aluminium foil to create a silver altar. Once done use marigold flowers or similar ones to add vibrancy and enliven spaces.

  • Bring attention to entryway

The entryway sets the perfect tone for home decor. It also makes your pandal setup appear clean and stimulating. Opting for a theme wall art or hangings can bring focal point to your entryway.

Then use a table to brighten up spaces. You can use lamps, floral arrangements and decorations to enhance the beauty of the decorative aspects. Similarly add fresh flowers or fairy lights to further add to the positive energy.

  • Bring out sarees

Budget decorations for Saraswati Puja pandal setup is possible through the use of sarees. These can either form a unique background or can be used as curtains. Use larger floral sticks and glass vase to enhance the home.

  • Murals on the walls

Use Saraswati murals, kites, macrame hangers or hand fans to upgrade the pandal.

  • The hanging lights

To further enhance the area, place lanterns and fairy lights as hanging decorations for your home. Kalash, mango leaves, coconut, etc. are ideal decoration ideas for your home decor.

  • Vertical spaces for background decor

Use bookshelves as background for the Pooja. Add items related to the Pooja or draw creative designs on walls to enhance the appeal.

Decorating the same is easy and effective. Use a lot of handmade items to enhance the appeal of your home. Also sugar candy flowers can be used to lend a dreamy appeal.

  • Yellow satin curtain

Satin curtain can be a cheap alternative that can be tried and tested to upgrade the appeal of the area. Choose a light yellow shade, add loads of fairy lights, paper buntings or flowers to amp up the same. You can even add stunning artwork to bring aesthetic value.

  • Decorate your area with origami

Decorate empty walls of the area using origami swans or flowers. Choose a few colours to enhance the area and enjoy positive impact.

  • Tea lights

Use lots of tea lights to add a heavenly charm to your festivities. Tea lights can also be used to create stunning impression on guests while keeping on a low budget.

  • Paper umbrellas

Use large sized paper umbrellas to enhance the appeal of your pandal. Alternatively Gujarati style decorative ones are available in riot of colours and have reflective mirrors to catch light and make area appear bigger. Hang these upside down for achieving stylish decoration especially when low on cash and time.

  • Repurpose

Use old furniture or decorative items to create DIY artwork and crafts. These can instantly boost the fun of the festivities while making the pandal appear fun.

  • Balloons galore

When low on budget, never forget balloons. Place these around the idol, on walls or on ground to create a beautiful setting. For added beauty, decorate these using craft paper or similar decorative ideas.

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