The art of carrying silver jewelry like a perfectionist is not too much an easy job. you have to look effortless yet pristine at one time. You need not to worry now as in this blog We will share some of the basics you must now before start styling your silver jewellery.

Sterling silver looks perfect in any occasion and goes well with any outfit. But the major concern is what type of silver jewelry to wear with which attire.

Whether to combine chandbalis with necklace or wear only hoops with western outfits and so on and so forth.

The best part of effortlessly carrying silver jewelry is that you wear them all round the year. The not look mesmerizing on casual summer outfits but they also look pristine with high necks or coats.

We will discuss the best color outfits and fabric patterns that go well with junk jewelry. Also what to wear with which outfit.

1. Formal wear

Gone are the days when you just had to wear only formals and nothing else while going to office or attending any client meeting. Now the trend has a different style statement. You can carry minimal junk or silver jewelry and look great even when you are wearing formals!

Wearing shirts be it denims or formals are the most common to wore for office. But nevertheless you can carry this look with grace by adding a stylish silver choker over the collar of your shirt.

You can also wear layered necklace under a classy coat and you are ready to attend any informal meeting office party. How can you forget the evergreen ethnics while going for work?

The best that suits with ethnic are Afghani double mirror earrings or chand baalis. But when you are carrying oversized jhumkas then never wear any additional silver jewelry, either a necklace or ring. It is better that you carry one heavy jewelry at one time to avoid looking messy.

2. Summer casuals

Summer attires especially the floral ones are the most comfy and easy going outfits. They look fab at any party, brunch, lunch or any casual date whether during the day or in the night.

You can combine different outfits with different varieties of silver to make it a perfect look. For example, how about wearing solid crop top with printed long skirt and making this look complete with detailed necklace or layers of necklaces arranged gracefully?

You can also wear a bohemian dress and then combine it with heavy silver earrings or rings.

3. Ethnic affair

Carrying silver jewelry with ethnic attire is the most common and the most suited attire for every location and occasion. Kurtis/suits/sarees, can be effortlessly worn during family occasions.

Wear a simple kurta with floral dupatta and end the look with beautiful silver kadas and bangles. Once you are wearing a lot of bangles, you do not need anything extra to carry for jewelry. Another idea is to wear a solid kurta with printed palazzo and make it look edgy with a sterling silver choker around your neck.

Other than the daily wear outfits, you must also know which color and which fabric pattern suits what type of jewelry. This is extremely important as even if you are wearing a perfect formal attire with right combination of jewelry, yet something will be non-impressive to the eyes. And here comes our choice of bright colors and right design of attire you are wearing.

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4. Colors matching silver jewelry

Silver gives a stunning look with shady colors such as white, gray and black.  Silver metal also compliments dark colors such as navy blue, burgundy, royal blue and dark green.

It is absolutely right to believe that any piece of jewelry looks great with black and so is the case with silver as well. When we talk about the shades of white and black that is grey and cream, silver jewelry enhances the look. You can wear oversized statement pieces either on grey or white.

Silver metal is considered more of a winter jewelry hence it creates a sparkling effect when it is worn over dark colors like navy blue or royal blue. You wear any dark colored dress in winters and give a final stunning effect by adding a detailed silver necklace.

At some occasions you can wear silver with light peach or icy pink which will also look decent enough.

5. What colors not to wear under silver

Silver does not go well with bright or rainbow colors as these bright colors hide the shine and detailing of the metal. Avoid wearing pastel colors such as pastel green or pinks. Silver over pastels not only lose its own visibility but also makes your pastel look mundane and pale.

Neon colors which are very much in trend nowadays must never be wore under this metal jewelry. Luminous colors such as greens and yellow reduces the visibility of silver to nil and gives a messy and a cheap look.

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6.  Fabric pattern

Not only the colors but the type of pattern on the dress you are wearing is also important in deciding what type of silver jewellery to wear.

If the top or dress has small patterns or checks or simply a solid color then it is better to wear statement silver that defines the complete look. When there are busy patterns and shapes, it is great if you wear minimal silver jewelry such as short necklace or small jhumkas.

Remember to carry one statement piece at a time. You cannot wear big hoops with chokers as this will degrade your look completely. Similarly decide one either bangles or rings. Never wear both of them together.

Layering your necklace is also very important. Carrying multiple silver chains with minimal designs require for proper spacing so that each piece is extensively visible. Never wear a necklace over a medium neck as this will outshine the jewelry look. Either wear a deep neck for a flattering neckline or high neck to showcase a nice solid color base.

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Silver jewelry or sterling is a trend setter nowadays and not only offline but online markets are flourished with great designs and huge varieties. But it is always to go with the trend, what is most important is how much you are comfortable while wearing anything extra other than your outfit.

If you are a first time wearer then do not spend too much initially buying all the junk jewelry together. Try with small earrings or necklaces and gradually change to rings, bangles and other statement pieces. Try not to overdo or underdo your complete look. Just be yourself.