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When you decide to host a birthday party, you will need balloons, cakes along with the fun items to decorate your home.

How to get balloon decorations for the birthday?

If you decide to go for affordable price options for the birthday, your first step should be to look for affordable balloon decorations.

You can easily find many methods for making the final version of the party decor right. Using balloons means that you have something that is both classy and elegant.

Balloons make for an awesome party decoration. The colorful styles help to brighten up regular and office parties to get the best results.

These can act as an important addition to the great party games and activities. Such games are important icebreaking activities to help you to expand your network.

How to make balloons decorations at an affordable price?

There are numerous options available for use especially if you are stuck in the dilemma of how to make balloons decorations. 
You can opt from options like confetti, ribbons, laces, danglers, etc. to make birthday balloons special. 

Some of the best balloon decorations idea include the following -

1.  Balloons garland

One of the balloon decorations idea is to make a balloon garland at home. This is an easy and affordable method to make the birthday party extremely fun.

You need to take a thread and string it through the inflated balloon from one end to another. As a result of the same, you have a garland that can be used for tying across the room. You can opt for a single or double shaded balloon for the best results.

Once you have selected the colour, inflate the balloons. You can opt for a color coordinated version as well. Use a string or a thread and then hang them on the wall or any specific area that you wish to decorate. 

2.  The balloon return gifts

This is an impressive idea if you are planning to give return gifts. This also works best for a kid's birthday party. Tie small balloons in the form of a floral arrangement and place it on the gift. 

For this, use small sized balloons and inflate them and place three to create a small flower. Use thread or ribbon to create an impressive arrangement.

3.  Romantic hearts

Use helium inside heart shaped balloons to impress your valentine. See their face come alive with the room filled with such beautiful views.

You can also opt for plain balloons along with latex ones. Set romantic accents using tulle and use it for creating a bouquet. For instance, stacked or layered bouquets can be put on a plant base to create impressive decor!

4.  The hot air balloon at your table

Another great way to surprise your friend or loved one is to create a small hot air balloon. Place a gift voucher at the end of the same. See your friend rejoice in this creative display.

For making these, use a vegetable mesh and on its inside, place a balloon. Use the pump to inflate the same to the size of mesh. Knot the leftover mesh and place on the table!

5.  Unconventional balloon arch

Using the above-mentioned balloon decorations idea, you can make an impressive entryway for your home. Hence inflated balloons are stacked together to create an arch. For the best results, use a spotlight on this balloon arch to bring out maximum effect.

Use an air pump to inflate the balloons and once done, tie these up to get the best results. Try to give the shape of an arch for the best results. This type of decoration looks adorable for a kid's birthday party or a party venue.

6.  Balloon decorations idea using sweets

This is a traditional method of using balloons to store birthday treats and favors. If you have many kids available on the birthday then you can use a large size balloon and then fill it with candles.

Ask kids to stand around the birthday table and wait for the shower of treats and sweets. Be prepared to bear squeals of laughter and watch young faces come alive with awe.

Get a big balloon and fill each one with candies. Once done, blow it out. Now tie the balloons with string and hang just above the birthday cake. When your kid finishes cutting the cake, burst the balloon and enjoy the beautiful moment of watching little ones run for candies!

7.  Wall DIY balloons decorations

Here is something that is one of the easiest DIY balloons decorations for your party. This is an innovative and impressive style by which you can easily get party decorations done. You can either opt for single pastels, blue or pinks or combinations to adorn the focal wall of the house.

You will need big balloons in the favorite color and double-sided tape to stick them. Inflate the balloons and put them on the wall using the tape. Create rows or columns to form the eternal wall of glory. Use this place to place a photo booth and watch your guests have fun with these.

8.  Balloon Glow worms

This balloon idea is perfect when light is dim, or you are waiting for your guest in a dark room. Use glow sticks and place these inside the balloons. Inflate the same with helium gas.

Once these balloons float to the ceiling, these create a beautiful starry sky in the room. You can be creative and opt to place these upside-down to give the illusion of a starlight canopy!

9.  Bombastic balloon decorations

These balloons are plump in appearance and make adults travel back in time. Recreate childhood for your best friend and bring alive casual light-hearted fervor to the day.

Use multiple balloons to write good stuff about your best friend or place small photographs to make them travel back in time.

Another awesome idea for a girl bestie is to use giant confetti balloons. Use 3 feet clear balloons filled with a large amount of confetti and tie them using big satin ribbons.

You can call in a professional to fill these with helium gas and bring the day alive with fun and excitement! This is ideal for birthday and graduation parties. 

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10.  Mommy's special

Another great idea for a mom to be or a hen party is to get gumballs inside the giant balloon. Use permanent marker and stencil to write a personalized message for your friend.

This works as an awesome personalized gift for birthday, anniversary, graduation or similar birthday parties. However, you will need a balloon stuffing tool or professional help to make this more fun.

Use this idea in addition to small paper balloons hinting the day and place these on pastries, cupcakes and even the cake.

11. Balloon columns and sculptures

Another alternative to balloon decorations idea is to create balloon figurines. These can be placed along with arches, entrance or stage to create an impressive welcoming front. 

If you are planning for a graduation party or wedding reception, these can be used to create sculptures with degrees or newlyweds - as per the demand of the day. 

This works well for both adults and young children.

12.  Balloon decoration garlands

An unconventional approach of using balloon decorations for your parties is by creating balloon garlands. These are an ideal way to represent the celebrations and impress your friends.

If you are using a large sized table for the day, decorate it using a balloon garland. Using two rows of plates is an ideal way to implement your choice.

13.  Balloon decorations on cloud nine!

In this case of balloon decoration ideas, you can create heavenly floating balloons in the form of a cluster. Use blue colour balloons along with a large satin ribbon in white shade to set the mood for the day. 

This is an impressive idea for weddings, anniversary or corporate events. You can use professional help, or you can also opt for DIY decor using the above idea. 

14.  Swarm of cute bees!

This is a cute idea for a Little one's birthday party. Use oversized yellow balloons and use black paint to create the bee’s body. 

You can buy large sized cartoon eyes from local crafts shop to complete the process. This can also be an impressive idea to accompany return gifts! Your birthday bash will be remembered for times to come.

15.  Fruity loops

If you have a lack of time, buy multiple color balloons and pump air to create the shape of fruits like mangoes, grapes, etc. 
If you have a strawberry or strawberry shortcake fan in the house, opt for large 11-inch sized pink balloons.

Use black marker, glue, paper straws and green fabric or ribbon to create a large strawberry for your home. Once done, hang these from the ceiling using a finishing line.

You can also opt for chocolate colour balloons and fill them each with goodies. Use these to adorn the walls of your house and ask guests to pop one for a surprise!