Health Benefits (Real Facts) of Wearing Silver Jewellery | Indianshelf (2020)

Health Benefits (Real Facts) of Wearing Silver Jewellery | Indianshelf (2020)

The famous phrase ‘born with a silver spoon’ isn’t an understatement. For time immemorial, silver has been considered a precious metal not just for jewellery but for countless health benefits which are still unknown to most people. Let’s dig out the lands of history a bit and mine out some interesting details and facts about the powerful benefits silver jewellery offers. 

Silver as a Potent Germ Fighter in History

Long, long before the metal silver gained popularity among jewellers and craftsmen, it caught the eye of our ancient wise sages and health experts. Tracing back to the history thousands of years ago, these wise men already knew about the powerful medicinal properties of silver even before science had marked its finger on it.

You will find its evidence in many of the ancient Ayurvedic and Vedic texts which read that silver should be used in cleansing practices especially the ones associated with food and drink.

The writings in a popular Indian scripture Sushruta Samhita specify that there are some metals which can be used to prevent infections that might spread during surgical procedures and medicinal practices. Silver is one of these metals.

Along with the Indian subcontinent, Greek, Rome and many Western countries too promoted the antibacterial effects of silver long time ago.

The rich and wealthy households would use only the vessels made in silver to consume food, drink beverages and store water.

Moving forward, let’s take a look at even more interesting benefits of silver in decoration, in storage or as jewellery wear.

Therapeutic Benefits of Silver

Silver accessories are widely employed in many psychotherapy and mental health treatments. Accessories such as silver spinners, silver charm bracelets and silver rings rimmed with little beads are of great help to patients wanting to get relief from anxiety.

Also, many Vedic compilations say that the metal silver is associated with the planet Jupiter and also the Moon. Due to this reason, it carries a water balancing property which calms the body during emotional responses of anxiety, stress and worry.

No one knows if this is really true but one thing can be said. That, the colour and the feel of silver surely promotes a calming effect on the senses.

Oligodynamic Effect of Silver 

Each ion of silver (Ag+) carries a fascinating property known as its Oligodynamic Effect. According to this property, the ions of silver are quite destructive to the cellular systems of many pathogens and bacteria containing organisms.

Thus, a silver ring that you wear doesn’t just impresses your friends but, is also busy in killing some bacteria for you every moment. Apart from bacteria, silver also protects your skin from various infections related to microbes, fungi and algae.

Silver as Protector from Electromagnetic Radiations

The antibacterial and oligodynamic effect of silver mentioned above is further enhanced in the presence of an electrical field. This means that if you’re wearing a silver bracelet while using your mobile phone or a silver chain while using your laptop computer, the silver jewellery might help you prevent your skin from the electromagnetic radiations coming from the gadgets!

Silver’s Colour Changing Property 

Silver carries a medley of non-toxic properties. Apparently, this low toxicity of silver makes it a wonderful indicator of the toxicity in your skin and body too. Whenever silver encounters too much toxicity from the atmosphere in the surroundings, it starts changing its colour, perhaps due to formation of silver oxide.

So, you might as well determine the toxicity in your environment or in the oils of your skin by the way your silver jewellery behaves, especially in the beginning of the purchase.


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Silver as Antiseptic & Self-Sanitizing 

You might know that in early days, the householder women and the elderly ladies of royals used to dangle down important keys from the sari wrapped down their waist.

Well, if you could go back in time and visit their homes, you’ll probably find that most of these women preferred silver key rings and silver keys over any other metal. This was because only silver was a metal known to be non-toxic and non-allergic to the skin.

Even today, silver is considered quite an antiseptic metal. In medical sciences, it has been proven that silver nitrate is an essential material for treating various skin infections such as corns and warts.

Even the people suffering from skin burns can wear silver jewellery as it is considered safe by the doctors. In fact, various skin creams used to treat partial and full burns comprise of a substance named SSD (Silver Sulfadiazine) which acts as a bacteria-fighting agent on the body.

Silver in Wound Dressing & Sterilization

It is said that the dressings containing silver accelerate the healing effect especially in cases of leg ulcers. Also, if you dip a silver anklet in a paste of sandalwood for some time and then wear it, it can regulate the flow of blood throughout the body from the veins in your feet.

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Silver as a Powerful Shield for Body Energy

The facts like the royals and the rich used to wear abundant amount of gemstones and metals such as silver and gold aren’t merely interesting facts. Rather, they carry some precious information about the healing and soothening powers of gems and metals.

No one knows where these mystical powers come from. But, this is also true that no one can deny these powers too. Astrologers, energy healers, cell therapy experts and even jewellery makers can be seen wearing stones and metals of different kinds.

In this scenario, silver is said to offer a powerful energy shield for the energy contained in the body. The energy structure of silver calms the energy of the body as well as healing the trauma contained in it.

In addition to this, silver is said to be associated with many energy centres or chakras of the body. It is said that if a person wears a silver chain for a prolonged period of time, it can significantly help one’s throat chakra to heal and also in resolving any problems in speech or communication.


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In a Nutshell

Nature has provided us with abundance of materials for every kind of healing and treatment we humans need. All we need is to unfold it and preserve its heritage for the generations to come. Silver is one such wonder.

In addition to being a treat to the eyes, silver comes with a potpourri of health benefits. So, this time when you’re purchasing some jewellery for an occasion, do remember silver!