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12 Rustic Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

There is a saying that, a simple hearth of a small farm is the true center of our universe. To live in a farm is to live in a dreamlike country. Simple motor chores, a fun more than the rock-and-roll and a kitchen of fresh, organic foods; who wouldn’t like to live in a setting like this. So, consider the below mentioned 12 rustic fashioned wall decor ideas to add decorative touches to your farmhouse walls. 


A farmhouse’s outdoors needs to be a relaxing place where you can have cups of tea with your partner or spend a quiet leisure time. Whites and dull pastels, chipped & vintage textures, gravels and stones, loose nature – things like these mark the common arrangements. Read below to find out some beautiful ideas to decorate this space further on.

1. Repurpose a Serving Tray

Take an old serving tray from your kitchen and repurpose it as a wall decoration by hanging it on your porch walls. Odd however it may sound, it’s a wonderful idea to instil the old world country vibe in your farmhouse. Consider some vintage style tray such as the one consisting of golden outlines or a centre design of pastel florals.

2. Repurpose an Old Shutter or a Window Frame

Lean an old shutter, grill or window frame against a wall in your farm’s outdoors. Decorate further by dotting it with potted plants, succulents, flowers and greenery.

As easy as it is to execute, its display too gives off a rustic mood. And just for this reason, it would be better a thing if you leave them unpainted. Simply a thorough rub from a washcloth is enough.

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3. Make a Bamboo Fence Wall Decor Ideas

Carve a small open air tea room in your farmhouse garden by making a fence wall by tying bamboo sticks and hinging them to the ground. Embellish further with branches of the tree, leafy garlands, a plain mirror or some lightweight glass lanterns.


Soft colours, natural fabrics, plush fluffy sofas and rugged textures are some of the elements you will find in the living rooms of most modern day farmhouses. As the gentle retro record plays on the radio, the fireplace and mantel makes up for a cosy bonfire. Here are some additional decoration ideas for living rooms.

4. Make Clusters of Hand Woven Baskets

You’ll find many low-cost handcrafted baskets made in materials like rattan, cane and burlap. Purchase some of these small-sized baskets, or weave your own. And display these on your living room’s walls, in a cluster or column. If you don’t want to hang these baskets empty, try adding some dried greenery or faux flowers.

5. Hang a Stylish Rug Wall Decor Ideas

Hanging rugs on walls is a fashion much popular in Russian country homes. Pick any designer rug you have, or a small mat, and use it as a wall hanging instead. From patterned rugs to rugs with tassels, pretty much any style will suit as long as it grants some texture to the walls.

6. Make a Cluster Out of Hand Mirrors Wall Decor Ideas

Cast a fresh and glitzy vibe in your living room by decorating a plain wall with clusters of framed hand mirrors. When placed opposite a glass wall with pastel draperies, the mirrors would look even more dazzling.

If you want to have a particular colour theme for your farmhouse’s interior decoration, you can also opt for frames matching with it. Let’s say, your décor theme is brown or close to brown.

In that case, you can consider wood framed hand mirrors or gold toned mirrors. Hand mirrors, shaving mirrors and all little mirrors from this family are welcome!

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Clean lines, white themed interiors and plenty of light marks a sophisticated farmhouse bath. Take a look at some more decoration options for walls.

7. Use a Driftwood Mirror

Give a raspy, husky texture to your farmhouse’s powder room or bathroom by hanging a large driftwood mirror on the wall. The driftwood frame of the mirror is also a beautiful way to turn a simple bathroom into antique rustic fashion.

8. Mount a Quirky Toilet Paper Roll on Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

The mood of a farmhouse is also synonymous with a fun-filled wittiness. Add some laughter to your farm’s bathroom walls by replacing your regular toilet paper roll with a quirky and cool holder. Browse the many home & kitchen markets, you will find plenty of cheery designs from animals to superheroes and funny faces!

9. Embellish with an Oversized Gold-Framed Black And White Photograph Wall Decor Ideas

Black and white photography instantly takes us back to the retro era. Also, when talking of vintage style, they are a perfect match for decorations. Get an old photograph printed in large size and framed in a gold-toned frame. Hang it on one of your bathroom walls as a personal favourite, a memorabilia or a romantic flashback.

10. Make a ‘My Favourites’ Wall Decor Ideas

This is a good idea to experiment with if your bathroom is spacious and has walls of high ceiling. From umbrellas to hats and bicycles, showcase your favourites and collections on one of your walls. For a stunning effect, cover the wall with strings of fairy lights in the background or dotting the objects in soft light bulbs.


Apart from the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables, a farmhouse’s kitchen is equipped with a large number of sun-filtering windows, neat details, organized setting and contrasting colours. If wondering what makes up a simple, farmhouse kitchen, read below these ideas for inspiration.

11. Attach Classic Produce Baskets on Kitchen Wall

Get your farm’s kitchen some of these grill baskets and arrange them on a wall one above the other. Use these baskets to fill up your week’s grocery supply, spice boxes, kitchen cloths or towel napkins.

Usually these baskets are made of iron and are attractive to magnets. If you have brought the ones like these, you can also decorate the baskets with little magnetic signs or magnetic memo pads.

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12. Use a Wooden Cubbie

A cubbie shelf is a double bonus. While offering an artistic, clean look to the walls, they also make up for great storage. Apart from kitchen, you can also use a cubbie in your living room or bedroom walls. Consider the one which comes with a section of wall hooks at the bottom.