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A vintage necklace works well for almost every dress and leaves a lasting impression on all. It is a product that you can never go wrong with. Thus, choosing the right heritage item is important to leave a strong impression and make you stand out from the crowd. Depending on your selected jewellery piece or dressing style, these can make you appear bold or subtle. This helps to accentuate your outfit and makes you feel beautiful. Whatever be your reason for making the purchase, selecting a vintage beauty like antique silver jewellery can make all the difference. Undoubtedly, it is a small investment to attain a family heirloom that you can easily pass off to your next generation.

Guide to Buying Antique Jewellery for the first time

An ideal strategy for beginning your purchase of antique jewellery can be to research online about your selected jewellery supplier. Look online for reviews and feedback about the supplier. If you feel that the supplier is offering heritage items at throwaway prices then chances are that either his jewels are not authentic or are not antiques. Keeping a watchful eye on the prices and reviews can help you to select the right supplier for the best results in your jewellery purchase. It is best to opt for only the best jewels and antique items like silver bracelets to ensure only the high-end vintage collectables make it to your trinket box.

Another of the safest bets to start with your antique jewellery shopping is to order silver earrings like studs and danglers. This will help you to determine your supplier's credentials before moving to a major purchase. This can be extremely beneficial if you are buying heritage items for the first time or from a newbie seller. Understand the difference between vintage and antiques before making a purchase

A lot of first-time buyers get confused between the terms like - Antiques, Vintage and Estate jewellery pieces. Here is the difference between these -

  • • A piece of antique jewellery can be a truly heritage jewellery item like Victorian silver pendants that can be well above a century old.
  • • Vintage jewels can be a few decades old and may include trends from the 80s, 90s, etc. These can be easily accessed from your grandmother's or mother's jewellery pieces. If you lack such jewels from your family heirloom then you can easily buy these online.
  • • A piece of estate jewellery is a second hand or used jewellery item that may even be modern and contemporary.

Choosing a reliable supplier for your jewellery shopping

When you are on a hunt for the best jewellery items like silver anklets, it is recommended to invest in the best quality products. Experts suggest instead of buying junk on a budget, buy a single vintage collectable for the same value. This is why you need a good supplier who can truly help you to attain the optimal benefits.

Instead of purchasing a vintage item from a random online supplier, it is best to seek references from friends and family to ensure that you invest in the right source. This will help to protect you from being scammed by random suppliers or overpaying for a random jewellery piece.

We recommend using online sources to attain actual assessment and evaluation of a supplier or antique jewellery seller before making a purchase. You can search for consumer forums to understand the reliability and trustworthiness of a supplier. Read sufficient reviews and feedback before making a purchase.

Check their offerings and your style statement

Before making an impulsive purchase from online stores, it is important to compare and determine the prices of various items that the selected suppliers offer. You also need to evaluate the authenticity of the jewellery pieces especially if you are looking to invest in precious metals or gemstones. Look for the authenticity of the item on offer and determine the appropriate accessories based on certificates.

If your selected suppliers have not displayed sufficient information about the product then you can opt to contact the same and ask for authentication proofs and certificates. Even if you are not looking to make a large purchase, this little effort on your part can help you to ensure that you have invested in a statement and antique artwork instead of junk.

Other factors to consider while making an investment

  • Condition of the piece

Antiques may carry marks and blemishes on the surface. The item that has been restored to its original glory by a team of experts can be a good choice. Choosing a damaged item will do you no good. Even if the piece is rare, the damage may spoil its glory and wearability. This is why it is recommended to buy from suppliers who take a guarantee on their purchase.

  • The designs

The arrangement and the intricate detailing on the jewel must match your taste. The selected jewel must be an extension of your style and personality.

At the same time, we recommend buying products designed from precious metals and gemstones instead of opting for alloys and invaluable items. This is because the former will make for a safe investment and can be restored but the latter ones can hardly last for a long time.

  • The rarity of the jewels

Rarity is an obvious factor in the value of the items. The price of antique jewellery can be high. The jewels imported from international sources can be further expensive and may command astronomical investment. However, rarity must be combined with wearability.

  • Workmanship

The artistic expression and creativity captured by the master craftsmen in their jewels can be an important selection factor. The more the detailing and efforts, the better the product will be for your needs.

How to wear and flaunt your heritage collection?

All heritage pieces have a history to them and their origin. The right jewellery piece will be a conversation starter and will make people aware of your tastes and preferences. It can also be a great conversation starter and networking tool for your next social outing As a result, the moment you have selected a jewellery item, wear them to your next outing. Don't leave them sitting in your trinket box.

You can take the help of your friends to ensure that you mix and match these heritage items with the wardrobe basics. For instance - heritage silvers, pearls, tribal designs, diamond studs and rings work perfectly with any LBD or velvet evening gown.