Silver Jewellery Trends(Latest Of 2020): 9 Silver Junk Jewellery Trends For Fashionable Women

Silver Jewellery Trends(Latest Of 2020): 9 Silver Junk Jewellery Trends For Fashionable Women

The trend of silver junk jewellery hails from the utmost fashion desires of a modern day woman. As sensual as its appearance, a silver junk jewel also goes well with the most festive style outfits.

Wedding costumes dipped in bright colours like red, maroon, black and magenta also call for a beautiful blend with a set of silver jewellery. Occasions like Navratri and Durga Puja often witness women wearing the fabulous silver sets along with a saree or a pair of lehenga choli.

If you too are crazy about silver junk jewellery, here are some of the popular fashion trends for women of all ages. 

To begin with, 


Multilayered Neck Pieces

Layering is the basic feature of any junk jewellery, let alone the silver. Many women like to layer several pieces in gold, silver, beads and various metals. This has been a trendy thing among women since ages, perhaps since hundreds of years.

Hence, combined with the technique and artistry of the modern day, there are now these multilayered neck pieces, quite adored by young women. Some of these pieces will be totally in silver while some of these will feature a combination of several materials including metals, enamel, stone, beads etc. 

Bohemian Style Multi-Pendant Tribal Choker

Junk jewellery often walks beside the tribal jewellery. Those silver choker necklaces coming with multiple pendants look even more gorgeous when donned alongside a black or dark brown dress. While choosing, also consider the pieces coming with some silk thread ball pendants or tassels in one or multiple colours. 

Silver Strips Bandish Necklace

Bandish necklaces are usually in the form of silver strips flanked out into an uneven semicircular style. Sometimes, there are also alternating metal strips alongside silver such as black or red. Just like a tribal necklace, a bandish necklace too is bang-on a trend to cast a spellbinding statement wherever you go! 


Oxidized Silver Wrist Bands

While the arm bands take us back into an ancient style jeweller’s house, wrist bands are more of regal or royal in style. We can call it a subtle addition of glamour. While wearing a sari, doll up your hair in a juda and alongside it, wear a pair of silver choker, silver jhumkas and an elaborate silver rwist band. No wonder, the limelight is going to run towards you by itself!

Oxidized Silver Bangles With Latkans

Be it a bridal jewellery collection or a casual wear selection, silver bangles is something which spans the fashion zones from antique to modern. If you already have a large collection of 92.5 Silver jewellery in your wardrobe, think of adding a set of some oxidized silver bangle sets, which are equally well suited for any or every kind of style.

If you’re looking for something ethnic, consider those silver bangle kadas which consist of jhumki-style latkans or danglers. They will look perfect in a family function or a bridal reception party.


Meena Work Oxidized Silver Pajebs

Often worn in South Indian traditions, jewellery with meena work is both traditional and cultural in appearance. Wear these meena work silver pajebs, or anklets, barefeet in a pooja, in your wedding or any family function. They’re surefire to bring you compliments from your cousins.

Chandbali Style Silver Earrings With Silk Thread Work

Chandbali silk thread jewellery is a trendy collection which hooks the taste of most fashion lovers. If you don’t want to buy a complete set of chandbali jewellery, do consider having a pair of silver earrings featuring silk threadwork.

Earrings containing threads of some bright colour such as pink, black, emerald and blue are perfect to offer a dramatic look. You can also look for silver stone drops or jhumkas with a combination of metal work, pearl work and multicolour silk thread design.


Junk Jewels In Silver & Turquoise Stone

Silver jewellery by itself is a wonderful choice for any Indian or Western outfit. However, if you are someone who are likely to choose something which comes with an additional ‘hippie style’ element, consider a silver set embellished in some coloured stone.

Turquoise, particularly, is a beautiful choice. The intricate design of silver outlining the cut turquoises, or maybe some red or black stones paves way for making a bold statement with gowns, mid-ies and casuals.

Silver Coin Jewellery Set

In the earlier days, silver coin jewellery used to be a style ideal but for a temple style look. However, with coming of the day trends, coin jewellery is quite of a favourite among many women today. Adding a coin style silver set in your collection also makes a great way to gift something beautiful with your heirlooms