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Summer is here. And so is a fresh new year. It is time to put your full sleeves and warm tees back onto the racks and be ready for a fashion-forward summer. The year 2022 is here to break all stereotypes and taboos.

The fashion industry is no exception. Being bold and beautiful is the way to go. So it’s time for you to sport all those trends you were afraid to try out and thought would lead to a substantial faux pas without any hesitation.

Let's get spring ready, whether you like bright colours or earthly tones. Your wardrobe has been waiting for a makeover, and there is going to be no better chance than now.

With the warmer seasons approaching, it is the perfect time to get all your short and shorter clothes out and time to show some skin in style. However, it is tough to stay on track with all the latest fads and trends in fashion.

With so many textile houses and clothing lines on the market, you might feel overwhelmed about what is hot and what is not. But don’t you worry and rack your brains over something like this. Simply read on to find out the latest crazes in the fashion industry that will take this year by storm.


Stripes have always been famous, now more than ever. The classic black and white striped pattern goes with various clothes. The optical illusion created by design adds a whole new dimension to the clothes. Pairing these stripes with solid, vibrant and neon shades can be a fascinating look.

When paired with the right accessories, colours like electric pink and shocking blue can be a game-changer. Zebra prints with single bright shades are all the rage now.


This might be a little new to some. But knitwear has its fanbase. Micro-textures were not this popular before. But in the hands of the new-age designers, bubbly textures like popcorn and such have received a complete transformation. These clothes that range from neon shades to like pastel hues are a must-have now. Since the clothes are bulky and loose fitted, styling them properly is crucial.

You can pair a popcorn top with a pair of shiny black stockings or tights. But you must keep in mind that owing to their voluminous nature, and the accessorizing should not be over the top. Minimum styling with maybe just a pair of dangling silver earrings or anklets is highly recommended.


Showing a little skin was always a great fashion statement. This season goes as short as you want—- because mini skirts are back with a bang. Whether denim, leather, suede or cotton, mini skirts and short shorts are the perfect summer pieces. A loose white shirt with an ice blue mini is bright and soothing at the same time.

Mini skirts are also pretty easy to style. For a day out, minis with sneakers and tanks are a great option. If it's a night look you want, team up your sequinned skirt with a corset top, a silver necklace or a choker, and you will be grabbing eyeballs.


Accessories deserve their own category. Styling your attire is an essential part of your look. You could be wearing a beautiful suit, yet a loud ring or ornament can undo everything. Fancy Ladies handbags are a necessity in the absence of practical clothing. However, choosing styles and complementing colours for your bags can make or break your look. Tote bags and voluminous purses can fit in many things, but they might not be the best choice. That’s why mini purses and backpacks are returning to the mainstream.


Less is not more all the time. Sometimes you need to go big or go home. Print on print is the rage now. Bold and beautiful colours with still more daring prints and patterns could have seemed like a bad idea before, but the younger generations are all about the extra drama. So do not overthink and take the plunge. If you want to wear a red floral shirt with striped pants, go for it.

The more shades you can pull off, the better. Accessorizing the outfit by balancing the tones is vital, though. So if you are going all out with your attire, do not forget to style it with austere yet classy and modern minimalistic jewellery.


Floral prints will always be in vogue. They are stylish and comfortable at the same time and also extremely easy to style. But why wear prints when you can wear the flowers themselves? That is right, the spring collection this year saw a lot of designers siding with flower embroideries over the basic prints to highlight certain aspects of their creations.

Adding three-dimensional flowers, petals, and motifs takes a dress to a different level. These 3-D flowers could enhance your hips and necklines by a few notches, depending on their positioning. You could also opt for mesh tops for those of you who love showing off your body a little more. These tops are otherwise see-through, but with careful positioning of the blossoms, they have a very specific woody and natural appeal.


Layering is a straightforward fashion trick, to be honest. Going wrong with it is actually tough. Jackets, shrugs and scarves can be found in almost every single closet. Be it leather or flannel, jackets and wrappers can protect you from the chilly spring breeze and pull up your fashion games. Earthly shades like blacks and browns have always been widely used. But now colours like teal, cobalt, turquoise, Fuschia and hot pink are all the rage. Designers like Valentino have been seen to use block jackets and overalls profusely. However, the twist is brought about by the bold and shocking colours being implemented.


Knitted clothes are suited to the season. They are sufficiently warm for a little cold wind at night and at the same time offer sufficient exposure to the sun. Latticed pieces can be paired with long skirts, pants and shorts, not only for the style element but also for comfort. Movement is fluid, and the material is super smooth, so you can spend your whole day without feeling the need to change your clothes. So be it for travelling or work, knitted meshes and laces can be a great option.

Now that you know what trends the world is going gaga over, it is time for you to wear and flaunt yourself off with pride. Do not think twice about raising your hemlines and showing a little skin here and there. Put your best fashion foot forward and jump right into all things bold and daring. Trying out new trends can be a step towards a more confident and matured “you”, and since more is more, why settle for anything less!

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