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These days' people are so much occupied with their work that they hardly get any time to spend with nature. Nature brings calm and peace in our lives. Planting indoor plants are one of the most straightforward steps through which we can get in contact with nature.

We don't need to travel long to explore the beauty of nature. We can bring home nature by nurturing plants. Plants have multiple benefits and hence very important that we make these plants a part of our house. 

Here are 20 types of indoor plants that you can overgrow in your home. Even if you have less time and usually remain busy at work, then also these options are suitable for you.

If you have a desire to grow plants and restricting yourself only because you think you cannot manage the plants properly, then here is the solution. Don't limit yourself and surround yourself with nature.

Cleanse your house with Peace Lily-The Best Indoor Plan 

Spathiphyllum, also known as Peace Lily gained some recognition after NASA listed them among "Top 10 household air-cleaning plants".

Peace lilies are one of the renowned houseplants. These plants are available in different shapes and types so you can choose at your convenience.

Its qualities are that they are adaptable and help you breathe clean & oxygenated air. If you have a fish tank and usually forget to water your plants, then this is the best option for you.

These plants can even grow in a fish tank; hence you don't need to remember them watering every day.

Make your house and offices presentable with Dragon Tree

NASA has listed Dragon Tree among excellent plants grown to remove harmful chemicals from the air. The leaves of these plants look like green swords that turn red around the edges. The best thing about these plants is that they can withstand a variety of temperatures.

These plants thrive in bright light; however, dim light will also work. These potted plants can enhance the attraction of your house and offices. You need to be a bit cautious while watering these plants as they quickly get over – watered.

Decorate your indoors with Calathea

This Plant is usually used for decoration purposes. If you want to enlighten your office with bright, colourful as well as blooming plants, then Calathea is the best option.

The leaves of these plants are entirely green and colourful, which adds on to your house beauty. Calathea requires indirect sunlight which makes it suitable for indoor purposes.

These plants thrived on moist soil and distilled water. They don't need much water. These plants grow best in 65 -80 degrees.

Keep Bromeliad – The long Life plant in your indoors

These plants are home friendly and grow best in 70 degrees. These plants belong to the Bromeliaceae family.

According to Sharon Nejman, who is the reputed and senior Horticulturist at Chicago Botanic Garden, these plants survive for a longer time.

He also informed that these plants produce side shoots that will eventually replace the original Plant. These plants should not be kept in cold drafts.

Grow long-lasting Kalanchoe 

It is a succulent which bears bell-shaped, colourful flowers on it. These plants are commonly found in florist shops. According to Nejman, not much care is required for the growth of these plants. These plants can even grow in 45 degrees.

The leaves of Kalanchoe are deep green and crenated, which looks as beautiful as flowers. Well-drained soil is mandatory for its growth. When they grow indoors, they suffer from a few disease or pest problems. 

Amazing Ponytail Palm 

The official name of these plants is Beaucarnea recurvata. According to Nejman, Mexico native of these plants should not be overwatered. This would make "its stems work off its reserves," It is commonly known as the bottle palm tree.

It has a bulbous trunk. This trunk is used to store water. The leaves of these plants are long which start from the top and extend to the trunk. It resembles a ponytail which justifies its name.

Bloom your house with Phalaenopsis Orchid

These plants are also known as Moth Orchid. They usually grow 8 to 36 inches tall as well as 12 inches wide. These plants are generally rewarding as they are not much demanding and blooms for months during spring and summer season. These plants thrive on bright light; however, they can also tolerate low light.

Grow Philodendron with no experience 

These species are found in West Indies, Mexico, and Brazil. These plants grow well in low light. You only require watering these plants once a week.

No experience is necessary to plant Philodendron. These house plants thrive throughout the year without any complaint. Keep the Plant, where it receives bright, indirect sunlight.

Grow Begonia quickly  

Begonia requires little water in the winter season to grow. These plants come in a variety of patterns and colours. These plants bloom even with less water. These plants look very attractive. These plants grow in less time. These plants quickly fill your garden and make your yard beautiful

Improve air qualities with Snake plants

This Plant works as an air purifier. It is an indoor plant, thrives well, and easy to maintain. It can grow in low and ambient light, absorbs chemicals and toxins from the air. It converts carbon dioxide into oxygen.

It is well known as 'mother – in – law – tongue'. It is one of the right kinds of plants that can thrive indoors and can grow with primary care.

Bring Prosperity home with Money Plant

We can grow a money plant in the soil as well as water. This is one of the most famous Indian Plant. It improves air quality. It is believed that the money plant brings in prosperity and creates a harmonious environment.

We can use handmade, indoor planters or old bottles to grow these plants. It is indoor as well as an outdoor plant.

Bring Miracle Plant Aloe to your home

Aloe is a succulent which improves health, beauty, and your home decoration. Due to its multiple uses, this Plant is also called a "miracle plant". These plants need sufficient sunlight, so it should be kept near a window where it can get exposed to enough sunlight. 

Grow Ferns at home 

Ferns are easy to grow the Plant. It can give you lush green fronds all year round. Fern needs moderate levels of sunlight and moist soil to grow well. Daily watering and a little sprinkling of water on leaves will keep them healthy. 

Low maintenance Jade Plant 

Jade Plant is a succulent. It has thick stems and fleshy glossy green leaves. It does require a planter with excellent drainage. Jade Plant is a shiny jewel; it can add a sharp contrast to a group of succulents. It is a low – maintenance succulent houseplant.

Bring amazing Spider Plant home 

From one spider plant, you can get lots of spider plants. Its shoots produce many baby plants that we can replant in another handmade planter. It needs weekly watering. It needs well-drained soil and bright indirect sunlight for adequate growth.

Grow tall Rubber Plant at home 

Rubber Plant can grow tall in a few years. Small pots will restrict their growth. It needs well-drained soil. Rubber Plant needs a lot of indirect bright light.

A sunny spot with a sheer curtain is the perfect place where these plants can be kept. It is also known as Ficus elastic. During the growing seasons which are summer for these plants, these plants need to be kept moist.

Bring wealth home with Guiana Chestnut 

It is grown in full sun or part shade. It is known as the money tree. The money tree is prominent among those who believe in "Feng Shui "and believed that these plants bring positive "chi" (energy) in the home. It grows from seeds. Money Tree Plant is believed to bring great wealth to its owner; hence the name is very well justified.

Sunny Plant Yucca 

For the healthy growth of Yucca, you just need Sun. To prevent the top-heavy woody stems of Yucca from toppling over, you need to water them sparingly and plant them in a deep container.

Bloom your place with African Violets

One of the popular houseplants all over the world is African Violets. These plants will make your flower pots blooms with flowers several times each year.

They require bright and indirect sunlight for healthy growth. They thrive in moist soil. Good drainage is essential for adequate growth.

Bring the beautiful Crown of Thorns home

It is a succulent shrub. These plants require less water. These plants are well known for their lovely red blooms which make them attractive.

You need to cautious with its thorns and sap as it may cause blisters as well as swelling. It is one of the best indoor plants.  All these plants are readily available. You just need to check your requirements and choose the best option.