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Diwali Decoration Ideas: If you’re wondering the same, here are some innovative Diwali Decoration ideas you can use to decorate your home this Diwali.

Carrying the aroma of forthcoming winters, the season of fall brings with it the time to harvest all that, that was sown during the spring. Days become shorter and the evenings, darker.

However, with the leaves leaving the trees, they leave behind something beautiful too. Such as, the festive season especially the occasion of Diwali.

With harvest season running in parallel during this time, the entire country takes a dip in the showers of joy and prosperity.

From about 2500 years ago, people have believed that on the night of Diwali, mainly after Diwali Pooja, the goddess of ‘wealth, fortune & fertility’ steps inside their homes and blesses them with abundance.

Therefore, they intend to welcome the goddess in their homes with cleanliness, colours, clothing and plentiful of decorations.

Myth or not, but it does make sense to make space in your home and decorate it abundantly to invite even more abundance and joy inside it.

If you’re wondering the same, here are some innovative Diwali Decoration ideas you can use to decorate your home this Diwali.

To begin with,

Diwali Ceiling Decoration with Hula Hoops Lighting Rings

Take a hula hoop ring and around it, coil wrap strings of rice lights, fairy lights of any similar kind of string lights. Connect it to a power box or switchboard nearby.

Dangle down this ring from one of your ceilings. Even though most of the times, this decoration is used as a chandelier in the interior space, you might as well use it on your porch ceiling, terrace or a balcony chamber as well.

Floor & Nook Decoration with Homemade Box Lights

For this, you can use something like multi-coloured origami boxes. Even colourful glaze paper boxes are as good as well. Make a hole in each of the boxes and slip inside a white light bulb or a string of lights inside. Illuminate the lights and see the magical effect they have on your floors.

These boxes will look best when decorated in rows on the floor. However if you are interested in some craft, you can experiment by stringing the boxes together and creating a sort of wall hanging.

If you can find this kind of colourful paper boxes, you can also take plain paper boxes and wrap them in glossy wrapping sheets that are commonly used in gifting.

Wind Chime Decoration Using Bangles

Ever thought that you can use your jewellery for decorating your house? Well, unless you are not all collywobbles about doing some craft, you can certainly do. So take out all those stacks of old bangles, earrings you never wear, beads and baubles.

Now take some chains or strings and tie these bangles, earrings, bracelets, rings and other trinkets to it. Pretty much any kind of jewel will do – lac, metal, steel or glass. For some jingle and clinks, add some broken ghungroos. Think bells too for a stunning effect.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Outdoor Lighting

The evening of Diwali appears to be one of the darkest evenings just before the tiny flames start bubbling through it and till the time, the entire sky is lit up in starry shimmers. What better space for diwali decoration than the outdoors?

Decorate the outer space by hanging vintage style lanterns on the tree trunks, porch roofs or window sills.

If your home has a courtyard or a balcony, you can outline it with light pipes coming in neon colours. For outdoor spaces containing plants, trees or bushes, there’s another great idea.

Just take a string of tiny-sized light bulbs and wind it around the plant foliage giving the effect of a ‘light tree’. This is a gorgeous idea you must try at least once.

Diwali Decoration Ideas Using Bottles, Bowls & Beads

Bottle art is an emerging art form. So, it’s quite a cool idea to explore it to decorate your home this festive season.

Collect all those old bottles in your house and purchase a pack of acrylic colours from the market. Now, take a brush and start painting your imagination on these bottles.

With this process, you can also create hand-painted vases which you can use to decorate any area of your house, from tabletops to staircases.

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If you can’t find some old bottles, you can also use some glass pots or mason jars. Fill the container with some colourful glitter marbles or some assorted beads.

Another simple thing to do is to take some old glasses, fill them with assorted flowers and line them up on the floor lines for decoration. If you want to use it on a table setting, fill a glass bowl with assorted flowers and top it off with a fragrant flower spray.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Shelves & Table Settings

From the elaborate market of art sculptures to something as eclectic as a couple of marble lamps, there are some wonderful decoration tricks for table areas in your house.

If you go with decorative art sculptures, you can choose from a wide selection of clay, metal, ceramic and glass materials. As with the marble lamps, many of these already come with a light fixture.

If you don’t want to use homemade items, there is a great decoupage idea using CDs and DVDs which you no longer use. Take some colourful marker pens and using them draw some designs over the CDs.

Next, top it off with some satin spray. Lock the design with the lamination coating of some sort of lacquer or varnish such as vinyl sheet.

In a Nutshell

Sometimes we spend colossal amounts of price on decorations which are so often temporary or the ones which lose their shine over time.

Apparently, you don’t necessarily need to burn a hole in your pocket to celebrate this beautiful occasion. Rather, this time experiment with your creativity, craft and imagination.

After all, what else do we need when this 5-day festival of Diwali already brings with it, full bloom of celebrations, togetherness and decorations. Oh, and don’t forget food and sweets!

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Posted On: 09 September, 2022

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