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Pink Feather Bird Knob

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Brown Feather Ceramic Bird Knob

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Black Dotted Ceramic Bird Knob

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Blue Dacnis Drawer Bird Knob

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Parrotlet Cabinet Bird Knob

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Love Bird Handmade Knob

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White Parrot Door Bird Knob

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White Dotted Feathered Bird Knob

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Light Blue Bird Knob

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Eastern Blue Bird Ceramic Knob

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Macaw Bird Cabinet Knob

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Brown Sparrow Bird Knob

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Brass Floral Dresser Knobs

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Brass Floral Cabinet Knobs

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Silver Brass Cabinet Knobs

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Brass Dotted Cabinet Knobs Online

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Copper Drawer Knob Online

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Brass Drawer Knob Online

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Yellow Tiny Floral Drawer Knob

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Brass Cabinet Knobs Online

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Copper Dot Flat Drawer Knobs Onli...

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Brass Turquoise Floral Door Knobs

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Brass Red Floral Drawer Knobs

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Brass Green Floral Cabinet Knobs

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Purple Heart Knob

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Knobs And Handles

A support system is a must in every element of matter. Be it in our life or in our daily surroundings. Once such support system that I am talking about is KNOBS AND HANDLES!! Yes, you thought right that how knobs and handles can work as a support in our surroundings? Non-living things too need some sort of support to enable the humans to make their tasks easier.

One such supports are the knobs and handle that works as a holder to pull or push the doors and cabinets. Knobs are round shaped lump or balls alike features, unlike handles that are elongated in design and shape; placed at the end of the surface of an object.

Have you ever imagined where did these unique creations come in into existence? Though the time is not exactly their existence comes from the ancient U.S in 1878 by an inventor named, Osbourne Dorsey. He provided this as a suggestion to the U.S Patent Office for a door closing service. And now they have become a vital part of the everyday furniture.

They transform the house into a beautiful décor, complimenting your kitchen, bathrooms or living rooms. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, knobs and handles can be found in beautifully crafted handmade designs.

Indianshelf presents you with a wide variety of knobs and handles that add glamour and finishing charm to our monotonous doors and cabinets.  They are available in different colour, designs and finish from ceramic to glass to brass and the list is endless. The time has come o dazzle your guests with a dazzling variety we are offering ranging from ceramic to glass to metal.

Just a brief about the wide varieties of knobs and handles that indianshelf offers:


ceramic knobs are the major category in knobs and handles that we offer at affordable prices and antique designs. Ceramic is non-metallic materials that provide high strength, hardness and anti-static feature to the knobs. We have different styles in terms of colours ranging from blue, red, multicolour and in terms of different designs ranging from little birds to flowers.


Glass knobs are a popular design nowadays. They not only add a bright and a vintage look to your doors and cabinets but also make them shiny and classy in appearance. You will actually be amazed that how creative our team can be that they are creating beyond your imagination.


Metallic knobs are great in terms of their quality and durability. We offer high-quality metal knobs that have antibacterial properties and do not rust with time.


Wooden knobs are most widely type of material in knobs and handles. They are a little at the lower side of prices with a subtle and classy look. You will be sized that we do not have plain wooden knobs, instead of knobs made with different wooden materials such as sandalwood, rosewood and added wooden colours.

you will be mesmerized to find out super amazing varieties of handles that we are providing
you with! ranging from ceramic to glass, simple designs, vintage art and peacock pull designs; all the
huge varieties are available in different prices. These handles are in a way smart and resourceful ideas
for your interior and exterior decors of your houses.


you will be mesmerized to find out super amazing varieties of handles that we are providing you with! ranging from ceramic to glass, simple designs, vintage art and peacock pull designs; all the huge varieties are available at different prices. These door handles are in a way smart and resourceful ideas for the interior and exterior decors of your houses.

Similarly, we have a wide mixture of bone, horn, leather and resin knobs that will just be perfect for your décor, ensuring that they are made with premium quality and sophisticated technology.

Our team ensures that each and every single piece is handled with intensive care and precision. It is my personal experience, that initially my mom and I just took a glance at this website and in few seconds our glance turned out our first wonderful order! So guys, without further wasting time, come and grab our impressive selection of handmade knobs focusing designs with perfect meticulousness and quality


Door handles made from bronze, steel, aluminum, brass, etc., are easily recycled. These can be redesigned to make other forms of home improvement products. Recycling these reduces the waste and also helps to be a cost-effective solution. Production of new metals takes a toll on the environment and raises the cost of the same. It is best to reuse or sell these off as scrap to ensure the best results. For glass doorknobs, it is best to reuse these around the house as decor items or drawer studs.

If you are tired of looking at your traditional door handles and have a low budget for home improvement, you need to use paint to upgrade these. By using specific shades, you can add color accents without the cost of replacing these. It would be best to have a screwdriver, degreaser, sandpaper, styrofoam, drop cloth, metallic primer, clear coat, etc. Once you remove the doorknobs, you need to clean these knobs using a rag to get rid of oil and grime. Then using the right spray paint, you can transform the doorknob into an entirely new one. You can use a metal finish to give a new and expensive look to these old ones.

Before you begin with the doorknob paint job, you need to follow instructions given by the manufacturer to attain the best results. The moment you dismantle the doorknob, ensure that the same is cleaned and buffed for the task. Once done, use the paint of your choice and when it dries, use a second coat followed by a clear coat of polyurethane to attain the best results. You can choose between metallic and matte finishes to get the perfect home decor element.

Brass offers numerous benefits for your home, especially if you opt for brass doorknobs. These door knobs are durable and long-lasting as compared to glass knobs. The metal is a self-cleaning material that can kill any bacteria on the surface completely. The same is known to eliminate disease-causing germs within 8 hours. It makes it a good addition to your home improvement and decor needs. Also, brass is a sophisticated metal that can help to bring a royal touch to the door.

Door knobs are known for their functional appeal and their inherent addition to your home decor ideas. The mechanism is simple - pushing the lever allows the cylinder to push in the direction of the turn and thus on the latch. It protrudes into a carved space from the door frame, which prevents the door from being opened when the knob is not turned. The use of the appropriate doorknobs can help to contribute to your safety and security. The door handles can become quite challenging when using these for redecorating your home as these are available in a variety of choices.

When you use the right door knobs, these can become one of the most popular ideas for your home decor needs. Using these products means that the same rotates inside the spindle, and as a result, it allows the door to open. The spindle can also be spring-loaded, and this allows the door to open. Using the right door handle and in round shape can bring the best results.

These days, the door handles and doorknobs are used widely and are meant to use in both indoor and outdoor spaces. On external doors, you can use brass knobs that are created for safety. The glass knobs were extremely popular in the nation during early times. The glass knobs were designed to attain the best results and create the cynosure of eyes.

In older days, only the rich could afford locks with keys, and this was before the invention of door handles. The inner doors were nailed together to allow the type of wrought iron latch or a cott one to open and close the door. The reign of Louis XIV saw the use of decorated and gilded doorknobs. These products were created to suit his opulent lifestyle. Similarly, crude concealed mortice was also invented to get the best and most suitable crafted doorknobs.

It isn't easy to pinpoint the exact origin of the doorknobs, yet it is believed that these were widely adopted and used by the people before their commercialization. In 1878, the first form of professional doorknob was documented and patented. The doorknobs and handles are a crucial part of modern interior decor, and it isn't easy to imagine living without these. Egyptians used the first form of the traditional door handle, and it was later inspired for pull handles made from either bronze or iron.

It is easy to replace the door handles when these get outdated, lack the grip or the mechanism becomes dysfunctional. If the doors are to be used by those that do not have much grip, then the same may become complicated and difficult to operate. To avoid such a situation, it is easy to replace these. It is also seen that, like all other stuff, the doorknobs undergo wear and tear. The most common mechanism is the failure of the spring inside the mechanism. When the spring fails, it is best to use a strike plate and keep the same closed.

It isn't easy to prove the exact year when doorknobs were used. The first documentation of the invention of the knob was in 1878. The U.S. patent office received the submission made from improvements on the door closing device. It was invented by African American male named Osborn Dorsey. However, much before the knobs and handles were used commercially, the doors came with a bolt. It kept the door shut. Most people used a leather thong or string to loop around the wooden bar.

The door handle can be removed using some easy DIY solutions. You can pull these in the opposite direction and set them aside. Then removing the latch mechanism, you can install the right handles. Take out the screws on the latch plates and then pry off the same using the flat head screwdriver. You can also use a small screwdriver over the lever and then slid the same in the direction of the arrow.

Contrary to popular belief, coronavirus is not spread through surfaces. Although, there was initially a lot of fear regarding the risk of pandemic transmission, etc. Also, the spread is not possible through the touch of eyes after any surface. It is possible to get the virus from being close to someone who rarely takes precautions. It is, however, recommended to constantly spray surfaces using an antibacterial solution to fight against germs.

Door handles can be quite difficult to wrap, and if you are planning to wrap your car handles, you need to be extra careful. The same must match with the rest of the body or be wrapped in various ways, finishes, colours, etc., to add a complete style to the drive. Door wrap vinyl can be printed to any size and design. These are waterproof and washable. Choosing the right waterproof and self-adhesive vinyl means that you can use specific adhesive technology to come to your aid. It is especially true in the case of first-time users.

Once the door handle is completely out, you can install a new one. Although, in case of minor issues, you can repair these. However, if you are looking to replace the old ones, you must select the one that can easily cover the marks left by the old ones. If you are planning to install a handle with a lock, you need to buy the best one with the most appropriate locking mechanism. Replacing the door handles is a simple and effective way to update your home, yet it is important to ensure that these fit easily over the existing door mechanism.

In case of minor issues, the door handles can be repaired. You can use the set screws on the door handle and then set the handle-free. Once you check all through the screws that connect these, you can reassemble the door handle to tighten the screws. You can also reinstall any covers and test to make certain that the same actuates the latch properly. If you cannot immediately see the underlying issue, then the best idea info removes these immediately. With such an exposed screw, you can remove the handle completely. Using an Allen key or screwdriver, you can accomplish the task.

Depending on the mechanism used, a large number of door handles can be reversed. The door handles can be removed quickly and then shifted to another position as per your requirement. For instance - a door that opens towards you and has knobs on the right is the right-hand side door. To remove the handle, expose the screws, then remove them using the screwdriver. Choose pin holes on the lever body and then wrench these to dismantle the lever. Insert the spindle in the desired position, and then place the screws back in.

The process of replacing the car door handles varies from one manufacturer to another. It means that some may need dismantling the door to fix the same while others can easily be changed from the outside using DIY solutions. Depending on the vehicle type, you may need expert intervention. The project can be laborious and consumes about 1.5 hours. For the best results, it is recommended to leave the process to experts.

Here are some of the common types of door handles that you can choose from - • Lever handles are a popular choice that has a latch and bolt mechanism. These may also use key locks for added security. • Pull handles are ideal for fixed door handles. These can be mounted vertically on the door. You can open and close these using a push. • Latch door handles use a latching mechanism to secure the door. • Recessed handles are inset pull handles that are good for glass and sliding doors.

When choosing the best door handles, you do not need to match knobs and handles around the house. If you do not find one particular line of door handles to be effective, you can mix and match to get the best results. While doing so, it is important to focus on the coordination rules and ensure that the same blends well with the house. Another great idea is to opt for vintage doorknobs to make a lasting impression.

The selection of the door handles and knobs is a personal choice depending on your budget, available options, and existing home decor. To choose the most appropriate door handle, you need to choose your style, the appropriate finish, and your plan. For instance - you can use the same handle design throughout the house or add individuality to each room. For choosing the most suitable doorknob, you need to measure the door handle. Firstly, identify the distance from the center to the keyholes, then measure the top screw to the center of the bottom screw.

A door handle is a set of handles on each side of your door. These are connected through the door using a spindle and held using mounting bolts or brackets. The spindle turns the latch using a protruding handle and engages the door frame. It prevents the door from opening. So, when the door handle moves, it rotates the spindle, and the same retracts the latch. As a result, the root opens.

A door handle controls the door using manipulation of a latch. It is a mechanical fastener that allows two or more objects to allow the door to be pulled using a rotating mechanism. When the same is pulled, the handle gets rotated in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to give adequate orientation. When the handle is turned, the square spindle inside the mechanism turns. It leads to the movement of the cylinder that is connected with a latch bolt to keep the door closed. When the same turns, the latch bolt is turned and withdrawn into the door to open it.