How to take care of leather handbags?

To keep your handbags in prime shape, it is important to ensure that you store the handbag in their original bags to avoid tarnishing. Similarly, choosing the right dust bags, inserts, etc. can keep your handbags in prime shape. Many people use bubble wrap, air pockets, etc. to keep handbags in their original state. It is important to clean the bags using acid-free and non-perfumed tissue paper. Similarly, it is easy to stuff the bag to ensure that the zipper and fastenings close without any strain. Doing so will ensure that your bags do not droop. Other ways to keep your bag in prime shape is to - • Clean the same regularly using a soft brush or cloth • Air-out the leather • Bloat away excess air • Clean spills and moisture • Dry the leather naturally • Keep the leather supple by choosing a high-quality leather conditioner or Vaseline.