How often bed sheets should be washed?

It is important that you wash your sheets and other bed linen once every two weeks’ time. If you are often suffering from unusual sweating, then you need to do the same once every week. It is observed that if you do not wash your sheets often then the same can become a breeding ground of bacteria. This means that each night, the body sheds around 15 million help which may lead to a build-up over a period and hence become a good area for the growth and development of dust mites. Similarly, when you buy sheets that do not have washing instructions, you need to follow the above-mentioned schedule. Even when you buy a new one, it is important to wash these to rinse off any chemical treatment and washes. When you want your sheets to be neat and clean you do not wish to use any detergent or washing machine that may cause the same to bleed. Therefore, you need to wash these separately from the regular clothing to attain the best results. You would use a homemade laundering detergent but there is no assurance if the same can be ideal for the same. It is important that you avoid harsh chemicals and fragrances to ensure that the product always remains fresh and neat. This is further a good idea that using a laundering detergent and bedding conditioner to keep your linen fresh. Similarly, storing the same in a safe and dry place.