How often bed sheets should be changed?

It is important to have a clearly defined cleaning schedule for keeping your sheets fresh and safe. Similarly, dead skin cells, sweat, saliva, etc. can have a detrimental effect on your body if the sheets are not clean. This negligence can turn your bedroom into a breeding ground of germs and bacteria. As a result of the same, it becomes extremely important to store these in a safe and dry place. These bedsheets should be kept away from sunlight as the same can cause fading of shades. It is recommended to have three sets of bedding sets for each bed. Keeping these on the rotation mode to ensure that you sleep on fresh sheets on a weekly basis. Similarly, sheets need to be cleaned adequately and this is important to wash only a specific number of sheets into the washer in a load. On the other hand, if the washing machine has an agitator then avoid washing softer sheets in these, we the same can lead to wrinkles and tear. It is likewise recommended to choose to wash these items with shades that are perfect, lightweight design or having similar colours. To keep the sheets clean and dry, use wool or rubber dryer balls or even tennis balls tied using a cotton sock. However, if you are eco-conscious then the best idea is to hang these sheets to save money, time and energy costs. This lends a distinct freshness and cleanliness to the sheets. Despite all the above, it is recommended to stick to the recommendations of the manufacturing company for the ideal outcomes.