How kali was born?

Goddess Durga or Kali was born from the combined Shaktis or energies of devas. Devi Kali is also referred to as the Chinnamasta, Chaturbhuja Kali, and Kaushika. She is considered as Goddess Parvati’s avatar. The story of her birth goes as follows. Goddess Durga is bestowed with ten hands, and she carries a weapon in each arm. She rides on a tiger, goes a battle and had a fierce with Mahishasura or the buffalo demon. During the course of the fight, Goddess got so angry, and this mad manifested itself from her forehead in the form of Goddess Kali. Goddess ate up all the demons, and a garland of heads of these demons can be seen in her neck. She is known to have punished all the wrongdoers and demons and was unstoppable in her attacks. She stopped only after the intervention of Lord Shiva.