How do you light up your home and office for the best results?

There are various ways in which you can opt for fancy or unconventional lights to get the best results for your home - • Go for sweet-smelling candles - Scented candles can be perfect for your home and office decor especially if you are going for festival decor ideas on a budget. You can use a couple of bricklayers jostles in various sizes, wraps and use strings, strips, yarns, etc. Once done, you can place the candles inside the same and you can even opt to paint these up. • Paint the candles in festive cheer - You can use acrylic paint, pearls, crystals, etc. to decorate your home. These look beautiful on a mason jar Decoration theme and light up the whole surface in pretty colours. • Paper sack illumination - This is another great way to decorate your home using stylish paper sacks. Use punch-out designs on both the sides and then place the flame in the form of tealights inside • Opt to colour the tea lights - Tealights or candles are special ideas for festival decor. These can look extensively boring, especially in their original form. So, use washi tape that coordinates well with these. Pick different shades and styles to get the best results for your home on a budget. Buy all this stuff from online store today!