How do you light up your balcony for the best results?

You can use a variety of ways and strategies to light up your balcony space for your needs - • Bamboo screen - Drape a Bamboo screen on the balcony for added privacy and then place some beautiful and decorative lanterns or plants to spruce up your home decor needs on a budget • Mix it all up! You can opt to mix all the above up in the best way possible. You can go for fairy lights, artifacts, comfortable furniture along with ethnic ensembles to get the perfect look for your home needs. • Chandeliers - These act as cynosure and add a unique appeal to your home and decor needs. These are simple and easy Decoration ideas using lights as the central theme. You can easily use them for festive season and get the best results for your buck • Use starry lights - Use starry lights or chain lights to bring an appeal to your balcony and make it more appealing. You can simply let them hang by the window adjoining the balcony area while dim lights may shimmer and light up your home.