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Hooks & Hangers

Engraved 7 Pegs Brass Horse Hooks

Engraved 7 Pegs...

₹ 1,920.00
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Elephant 5 Brass Hooks Hand Casted Wall Hooks

Elephant 5 Bras...

₹ 1,580.00
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Handmade Tribal Serpent Goddess Brass Hooks

Handmade Tribal...

₹ 790.00
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Brass Tribal Animal Face 7 Hooks Brass Coat Rack

Brass Tribal An...

₹ 2,060.00
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Brass 4 Hooks Deer with a Small Tail And Tribal Engraved Design

Brass 4 Hooks D...

₹ 550.00
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Brass Bunny Rabbit Textured 2 Wall Hook With Patina

Brass Bunny Rab...

₹ 450.00
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Golden Brass Lizard Wall Hook

Golden Brass Li...

₹ 420.00
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Brass Birds Wall Decorative Three Wall Hook Rack

Brass Birds Wal...

₹ 510.00
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Two Brass Robbins on a Branch Bird with three Hooks

Two Brass Robbi...

₹ 630.00
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Hand Crafted Two Brass Birds With Three Wall Hooks

Hand Crafted Tw...

₹ 570.00
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Golden Brass Tribal Elephant With Trunk Up Wall Hanging Brass Hooks

Golden Brass Tr...

₹ 430.00
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Two Golden  Brass Swan with 4 Hooks Crafted Key Holder

Two Golden Bra...

₹ 480.00
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Two Brass Swan with 4 Hooks Crafted Key Holder With Patina

Two Brass Swan ...

₹ 500.00
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Brass Tribal Elephant With Trunk Up Wall Hanging Brass Hooks

Brass Tribal El...

₹ 440.00
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Handcrafted Tribal Brass Horse Hooks with Five Pegs

Handcrafted Tri...

₹ 1,950.00
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Brass Wild Reindeer Brass Wall Seven Hooks

Brass Wild Rein...

₹ 1,900.00
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Brass Lion Animal Face Six Hooks Wall Hanger

Brass Lion Anim...

₹ 2,180.00
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Lion Design 4 Brass Hooks

Lion Design 4 B...

₹ 4,950.00
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Brass Five Hooks Holder and Hanger with Two Standing Horses

Brass Five Hook...

₹ 700.00
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Brass Mother and Baby Geese Wall Hook Key Holder With Green Patina

Brass Mother an...

₹ 400.00
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Four Sitting Cats In A Row Framed Wall mounted Wall Hook

Four Sitting Ca...

₹ 550.00
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Brass Cobra Hook Peg For Coat Hat Umbrella

Brass Cobra Hoo...

₹ 310.00
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Ornate Hand Crafted Peacock Wall Hook With A Base Plate

Ornate Hand Cra...

₹ 1,720.00
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Brass Giraffe Head Single Wall Hook

Brass Giraffe H...

₹ 560.00
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Brass Owl Metal Coat Key Towel Hook Hanger

Brass Owl Metal...

₹ 490.00
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Handmade Brass Artistic Elephant Head Trunk Wall Hooks Hanger

Handmade Brass ...

₹ 500.00
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3 Brass Face Head Art Laughing Buddha Wall Sculpture

3 Brass Face He...

₹ 720.00
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2 Brass Face Head Art Laughing Buddha Wall Sculpture

2 Brass Face He...

₹ 560.00
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Hand Made Giraffe Single Wall Hook Hanger Brass Animal Shaped Hook

Hand Made Giraf...

₹ 560.00
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Single Brass Animal Head Wall Decoration Hook And Hanger

Single Brass An...

₹ 550.00
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In my life, I have fairly realized that relationships tend to leave you depressed and destroyed but hooks and hangers will always be with you leaving you to wrinkle free and happy!! I know this is a bit lame but I think you must have understood what I am trying to explain you.

 Hooks and hangers are by the far the fastest, simplest and easiest ways to keep your stuff tidy, wrinkle-free and accessible. Even in the saddest of the situations, they will always make you happy when you will see tidy clothes hanging in your wardrobe and you have to no longer search them for long.

 Hooks work as perfect holders for hanging small items varying from small clothes, towels, dishes, spoons, folders and many other things. In our previous blog posts, we have mentioned how hooks transform our lives and make things simple.

 A hanger is a device designed in the shape of human shoulders, used solely for the purpose of hanging ironed dresses and shirts. They transform your untidy wardrobes into a nice tidy place!

 The story of how the hanger was developed goes really interesting! Once in 1903, Albert J. Parkhouse, an employee of the Novelty Company came to work and saw that all the hooks that were used to hang the coats were gone and in anger, he bent a wire in the shape of the hanger as today and hanged his coat. Mr Albert would have never known that how his accidental creation in anger could do wonders for the upcoming humans!

 With time and advent of new technology and machines, we have been successful in creating unique designs of hooks and hangers that are beyond your imagination. Ranging from alphabetical designs to animal designs, indianshelf is presenting you with a wide range of beautiful hooks and hangers that will make your eyes wide open!


Just a one-liner for each of the categories we are providing you guys at really affordable prices.


  • Alphabets Hooks- They are available in all the 27 alphabets in brass and copper material. They can be served as the perfect useful customized gift for your loved ones.


  • Aluminum Hooks-We have 4 unique designs of aluminium metal hooks in golden and silver polish. The designs are precisely of lizards and Scorpios with their wagging tails serving the purpose of hooks.


  • Animals Hooks- I had personally never thought how big wild animals can be under our control and used creatively for hanging big items! The range is amazing!


  • Bronze Hooks- These are brass made material hooks, presented in different shapes that you would have never imagined! Such as elephants, mother and baby geese, face coat, birds, ducklings and so on and so forth.


  • Floral painted Hooks- An impressive crafted designs of vivid colours of flora and fauna is the major element in these floral painted hooks. They are perfect to be used in living rooms and bedrooms.


  • Flower shaped Hooks- Flower shaped hooks are as graceful as real flowers. They are a perfect decor for your living area.


  • Iron Hooks- As the name iron, these hooks are very strong and can be used perfectly for hanging heavy items. Yet we have not left behind in customizing these as well!


  • Towel hangers Hooks- They are perfect for hanging towels in your bathrooms and at the same influencing the look of your bathroom.


  • Vehicular hooks- These are cutely designed hooks with different modes of transport imprinted on the hooks.


  • Wooden blocks Hooks- These hooks are crafted on wooden blocks. They are vintage styled hooks which are creative and embellish your house.


I must say, hooks and hangers are the best friends/ boyfriends/ girlfriends/lovers and pets that will never lose you and would enjoy being with them the most!!