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Garland Wind Chime

Garland Wind Chime
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Hang these handmade colorful paper wind chime bells in balcony or at the entrance of the house to accentuate its beauty and add a cheering note to your living space. The glaze of the chimes will add life to your house. It also has a loop on top to facilitate easy hanging in your balcony in porch or in your living space. This is definitely a piece of attraction for your guests.

  • Height: 30 inches approx.
  • Top Size: 6 inches approx.
  • Colour: Multi-Colour
  • As it Appears

Seller: Abhishek Tamrakar

Posted in: Wind Chimes, Return Gifts

Product Code: GARLAND/39244

Size: 30.00

Color: Multi-Colour

Height: 76.20 CM,