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Dhokra Fish Coasters

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Dhokra Fish Coasters


This Coaster is a unique gift and eye catching product to own! Use this Coaster for utility or just for decorative purpose. Dhokra is an ancient practice of metal casting and has been practiced in India for over 4000 years. It is a must have if you want to add that Royal touch to your decor.

  • Material : Brass
  • Height : 5 inches approx.
  • Width : 5 inches approx.
  • As it Appears

Seller: MIHARU

Posted in: Coaster

Product Code: DCs002/26067

Size: 5.00

Material: Brass

Color: Multicolor

Height: 12.70 CM,

Width: 12.70 CM,


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As it Appear As it Appear ₹ 448.20 Send Request

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