Ceramic Solid Color Knobs

From all the classes of clays used in pottery, ceramic perhaps is the finest one of them. Carrying a creamy touch and chunky texture, ceramic materials are highly preferred both for decorative hardware and home accessories. Although ceramic is known as the white clay, the pigment properties contained in it make it much easier for colours to blend in it.

Owing to this, the colouration in ceramic materials comes out with an extra speck of glossy shine which is hard to miss. You will often notice a glazy appearance on the ceramic hardware which calls from a distance.

Here, in this collection of ceramic solid color knobs, Indianshelf brings to you some terrific pieces of door knobs sculpted, crafted from artists and potters from across the country.

A vast medley of designs and colours so many, that you won’t be able to decide which ones to choose and which to add to your wish-list. You will easily find your favourite shade, anywhere from the colour of your lipstick to the polish of your kitchen cabinets. Neons, pastels, metallics and more!

To begin with the type of knob varieties, you can select from drop knobs, sling drops and basic bulb pulls. If you’re going for the basic bulb shaped knob pulls, this collection has some of the quirkiest of designs available in the market such as flower shaped, pumpkin shaped, umbrella shaped, bud shaped, geometrical, bracket cut and egg.

Their metallic faceplates come in contrasting colours and scalloped fittings in golden and antique finishes. Both the convex and concave kinds of pulls are there.

Pastel filled, gold trimmed and carrying a velvety appearance; these knobs are perfect for any kind of décor arrangement. If you’d like to explore rather designer knob pulls, check out our selection of ceramic strewn knobs.