Can silver earrings cause infection?

Utilizing silver earrings for women with messy studs can create an infection. Also, frequently touching the earlobes with unclean hands may additionally cause contamination. Further causes may include - unclean earrings, support may be too tiny, or the clasp pin is put on too firmly. That said, as the sterling material is a combination of other elements apart from pure silver (as pure silver is normally too weak for earrings), be certain to watch out for a 925 mark, which guarantees the silver is indeed 92.5% genuine and will therefore be less inclined to hurt your skin. But, if you are looking at sterling silver earrings, you want to make certain that the description shows that they are built with “nickel-free sterling silver”. That way, you can be almost sure that what you’re about to place in your ears does not include nickel, which otherwise can produce an allergic response in your ears when you use any earring made from nickel and silver alloy.