Can door handles be recycled?

Yes, these can be recycled using metal scrap. These can be sold off to the specific scrap shops where these can be moulded back to attain the best results. If you are low on budget, then you can opt to repaint them using spray paint. Alternatively, these can be used for decorating the stores or drawers to attain the best results. Opting to revamp these is a good idea and needs incredibly low investment. Once done, these can adorn the lesser-used areas of the home while the knob shaped ones can double up as the coat hooks or handles for hanging coats and jackets. Apart from this, you can use vintage door handles and knobs in a variety of ways to attain the best results for your needs. For instance - these can be used to create decorative table ideas for your home or can be recycled as mini vases for the purpose of decorating the planters. The oval-shaped ones can also double up as wine stoppers or can be turned into a vintage photo holder. Alternatively, these can be placed around the house to place jewellery and bags or can also be used as tie holders. Also, these can be used to create DIY decor solutions and as curtain rod ends. This helps you to attain the best results for your home and thereby save money on buying decor items for your home.