Can door handles be painted?

Opting to paint these door handles can be a good idea especially to attain creative outcomes. It helps you to save money and time while opting to customize the overall appeal of your home. Hence, depending on the number of hinges or door handles that you may have around the house, the same can take you around 1- 2 hours and a small amount of money to refresh their look. Apart from the painting supplies, you need to have orbital sander as the same make your DIY experience quite pleasant and helpful. Use a primer on the surface and let it dry overnight. Then use bronze spray paint in thin coats to attain the best results. This is quite better than using single thick paint for the best results. Ideally, 2-3 coats of spray paint can do the job. It is important to ensure that you unhinge this door handles before painting these. Moreover, it is best to opt for newspapers or similar alternatives to avoid spoiling your home decor while attempting these ideas. It is important to note that these old oil-rubbed bronze hinges can last you for quite a long term and this makes reusing these around the house a good idea instead of buying a new one.