Can candles make you sick?

There is something entirely soothing about burning candles and feeling the scent of the same waft out in the air yet for some people, these things are not so simple. Some people complain of allergies, sensitivity, and other issues that may present themselves as headache, fatigue, nausea, and coughing, etc. Even if you do not have such a reaction, you must be aware that these candles may cause minor pollution around the house especially if you buy cheap ones or those from uncertified businesses. Thus, by choosing the right type of candles, you can enjoy the beauty of these at your home, and without causing any form of sickness or issues. So, how to buy the best candles? The answer is that the candles are made of paraffin that may cause slight allergies but if you buy the right candles then the same can get you adequate results. It is also noted that the health safe candles are those which are made from 100 percent soy or beeswax and these are quite costly.