Can candles cause cancer?

Do many people often enquire as to whether candles truly cause cancer and similar health issues? The answer is yes. As per a few studies, there are certainly some dangers associated with burning candles and incense. Although, the extent of damage caused by these is still not determined. It is further observed that natural candles like the ones created from soy or similar alternatives are better than the traditional candles. However, all candles burn the same and there is no form of specific issues or risks associated with the paraffin wax. Yet it is worth noting that there is no concrete research backing the claims of issues caused by burning candles although it is always better to avoid ingredients with limonene as the same can be harmful to your health. As a result, moderation is the best approach to investing in candles. Similarly, it is best to keep the area well ventilated where you are placing the same. Again, placing these unattended is a poor idea.