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Bronze Sitting Buddha Statue

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Bronze Sitting Buddha Statue
Bronze Sitting Buddha Statue


Brass Buddha Meditating Peace Harmony Statue, [Dhyana Mudra] Religious Decor Handmade Brass Vintage Look Shakyamuni Sculpture Figurine. Buddha Statues are the Most Appealing Statues in the Market Due to Their Appeal and Good Fortune Properties. Made Out of Brass, These Statues are Beautifully Manufactured by Our Skilled Artists. Our Antique Brass Buddha Statue are Perfect to Bless with Success, Wisdom and Good Luck. Coated with Brass Polishing, Our Brass Buddha Statues and Sculpture are Magnificent for Worshiping and as Presents. These Statues are Intricately Carved and are Unique with Its Features.

  • Material: Brass
  • Height: 4.52 inchesApprox.
  • Width: 3.14 inches Approx.
  • Length: 2.16 inchesApprox.
  • As It Appears

Posted in: Bronze Buddha

Product Code: SBA-453/24066

Size: 4.52

Material: Brass

Color: Golden

Height: 11.48 CM,

Width: 7.97 CM,

Length: 5.48 CM,


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As it Appears As it Appears ₹ 1,980.00 Send Request

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