Brass Durga Face Wall Hanging

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Devi, as her name implies, is like a durg a beautiful fort that never succumbs to its assailants. It is customary in many Indian households to display the goddess's face or mask as a defensive cover for the home. This brass Durga face softly highlights the warrior goddess's attractiveness and tranquillity. This is one that, hopefully, will enhance the visualisation of our game play: a real-life genuine scroll-tube. It's Tibetan and was most likely designed to hold a devotional scroll. It's mostly constructed of copper, with brass and silver accents and writing. The bottom is plain, and the tube rises rather solidly; the cap's tip is rounded. Each section has a chain-loop, and I imagine it would have had a chain connecting the two sections so you wouldn't lose the cap. The tube is made up of two pieces that come together tightly.

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  • Material: Brass
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