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Bone Bridge Handles

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Bone Bridge Handles

Bridge handles came into highlight during early twenties. Till this period, they were usually created out of tortoise shells, tree groves, ivory and animal bones. This hardware would be further complemented with metal carvings running between the two bolts of the handle, often made with cast bronze fillings. The ornamentation was further brushed with layers of glossy wood veneers. Bone bridge handles take you back into that old fashioned street of classy and intricate designs of cabinet hardware.

This collection of bone bridge handles by Indianshelf brings to you, the novelty style cabinet hardware made of metal and bone. With a strength so hard-wearing and a style exuding timelessness, these bone bridge handles are perfect partners to different kinds of furniture pull surfaces. As far as the finish is concerned, you can choose from the options of silver, golden and antique.

Holding the craft of Bronze Age empires and the style of medieval dynasties together in a cocktail of modern day decorations, these handles are reminders of the full circle of the two ages. The two bolts at the ends in each of these handles have been designed in beautiful motifs. These include disc, wheel, flower, starburst, hexagon and square. Especially for people with a classical taste, these bone bridge handles are like icing on the cake to their home furniture and a creamy treat topping to the overall décor setting. 

Delicately handcrafted with attention to details, these bone bridge handles depict the elaborate artistry of the bygone era. Just look how fabulous these handles will look against your kitchen drawers, your dressing table chest or window doors. Even though, they will look good on nearly any furniture item including cupboards, almirahs, bed trunks, cabinets and wardrobes.

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