92.5 Sterling Silver Colored Stones Hoop Gypsy Earrings For Daly Wear

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Blue, green, and grey stone hoop gypsy earrings are a unique and colorful accessory. The combination of the different colored stones creates a striking and eye-catching design. The blue stones symbolize calmness, trust, and loyalty, while green stones are said to promote healing and balance. The grey stones are associated with stability and practicality. The hoop design adds a touch of bohemian flair to the earrings, making them perfect for those who love a boho-chic style. The gypsy style adds a touch of free spirit and individuality to the earrings. These earrings are perfect for those who want to add some color and personality to their jewelry collection. They are versatile and can be worn with any outfit and occasion.

  • Material: Silver
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