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Posted By : Praveen Mishra

Posted On: 27 May, 2022

Bandhanwar, commonly referred to as Toran, is an ornamental door hanging crafted with mango leaves and marigolds on a thread. These torans are used as an embellishment to the entrance gate/door of the house. Regarded as an integral component of Hindu customs during marriage ceremonies and other festivities, red, yellow and green are the predominant colors in bandhanwars. The key motive behind accessorizing homes with bandhanwars is to appease Lakshmi, the goddess of Wealth. These bandhanwars can also be created at home with some easy-to-follow tips and techniques.


    1.     Bandhanwar Décor from Waste:-

Amongst the popular bandhanwar designs, door hanging crafted from waste materials is the most common. In this point, we’ll be discussing on creating torans or bandhanwars, whatever you may call them, with cardboards. For this, you’d be requiring cardboard, scale, glue, newspaper, glitter and metallic paints, around object as the torans will be of circular shapes, bead chain, tissue or foam paper, some gemstones for decoration, and lastly, push pins or double tape.

So first, cut a thin strip from a lengthy cardboard using a scale. You can use the whole strip for making the bandhanwar or you can divide it into 2-3 strips. The length of the toran depends on your door length where you’d be hanging it. Cut newspaper strips and wrap it around the cardboard strips. Decorate the toran with different glitter shades.

Now, take the cardboard and cut out 4 circular discs from it. The outer circle will be bigger than the inner one. Again, attach the newspaper strips all over the disks. Now, paint the disks using various colours. Fasten the bead chain around the disc. Make beautiful roses with the foam paper and adorn the disks with gem stones and these roses. Now, fix these discs on the thin cardboard strip and attach the door hanging using double tape.


    2.     Peacock Bandhanwar :-

Deviating from the run-of-the-mill toran designs, this peacock handmade bandhanwar will give your door an elegant and creative appeal. Although it might seem like a formidable task at first, but a persistent and diligent effort would assuredly bring forth the desired result. Create three loops – two at each end and one in the middle to hang the toran with ease.


    3.     Kundan Bandhanwar :-

Did this thought ever cross your mind that your jewellery also can play a crucial role in creating some amazing bandhanwar designs? Kundan Bandhanwar, one of the fast-spreading Indian bandhanwar designs, is a very innovative and unique way to deck up your entrance hall. A thing string of necklace, some kundan earrings and glue –your kundan toran is ready to go.

    4.     Paper Flower Bandhanwar :-

This toran is made almost in the same way as the first one except the fact that the bead chains, gem stones, and foam papers are replaced by paper flowers and paper feathers. You can purchase the paper stuffs from book stores, or you can also make them at home. Rather than buying the bandhanwar online, crafting the piece with your own hands at home will provide you with immense satisfaction and ecstasy.



    5.     Metal Bandhanwar :-

Metal bandhanwar is yet another variation of these exquisite door hangings. Use metallic handbag chains and jewelleries, and craft a stunning piece of beauty.

Try out these impressive toran designs and bring in oodles of luck and prosperity to your home. You can also fabricate designs on your own on an experimental basis, and garner lots of appreciation from your visitors.

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