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A beautiful Tanjore painting of Lord Krishna lifting the Govardhan Parvat

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As heavy rains and thunderstorms ravaged the land of Mathura and submerged it under water, the frightened and helpless inhabitants of Vrindavan approached Lord Krishna for help. He lifted the entire Govardhan Hill at once on one finger of his left hand and held it up like an umbrella. One by one all the inhabitants of Vrindavan, along with their cows and other household possessions, took shelter under Govardhan Hill. They stayed under the hill for seven days, safe from the rains and surprisingly undisturbed by hunger or thirst. They were also astounded to see the huge Govardhan Hill resting perfectly balanced on Krishna's little finger.

  • Material: Cloth
  • Length: 26.75 inches Approx
  • Width: 21 inches approx.
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