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Tribal Gond Painting Elephant

Tribal Gond Painting Elephant Hover
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Tribal Gond Painting Elephant


The Allure of Sagas Gond Art of Madhya Pradesh Artisan: Dwarka Paraste The art of stories, the art of spirituality and an art believed to bring good luck, Gond Art is the reflection of India’s largest adivasi community called Gonds who are of Dravidian origin and can be traced to the pre-Aryan era. The word Gond is derived from the word kond which means green mountains. The Gonds are a diverse group spreading over large areas from the Godavari valleys in the south to the Vindhya Mountains in the north. The Gonds are traditionally believed to be storytellers, the Pradhan Gonds used to narrate the stories glorifying the king and this was mainly the source of their livelihood.

  • Material: Paper
  • Width: 6.6 Inches Approx
  • Length: 7.9 Inches Approx
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Posted in: Contemporary

Product Code: GADPETMSNC04/36235

Size: 7.90

Material: Paper

Color: Multi Colour

Width: 16.76 CM,

Length: 20.06 CM,

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