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Posted On: 23 July, 2022

Ever wondered how your kitchen is always bustling with activity. Simmering saucepans, whistling pressure cookers, or simply the chopping of onions.

So, it's pertinent to keep this hub of your house well-maintained. How? The answer to your query lies below.


    1.     Conceal Unsightly Countertops

Replacing the nasty countertops with brand-new ones, whenever they bend out of shape or lose their luster cannot be the ultimate remedy to this problem.

And if at all you replace it, it’s going to have the same fate as before. Solution? Try going for some DIY methods to make the countertop look attractive again.

Conceal the distressed portions with a large cutting board. That way, it hides the undesirable area, thereby providing you with the ability to chop vegetables on it.

You can also paint the countertops with some lovely color to make it even more eye-catching.


    2.     Swap Faded Knobs with New Ones

Substituting corroded and faded knobs of the kitchen cabinets also goes a long way in creating a better kitchen.

Adorn the cabinets with nice-looking handmade knobs possibly in ceramics, glass, wood or metal. There are plenty of these available online now these days.


    3.     Discard Plastic Switch Plates

When it comes to kitchen improvements, a lot of people tend to overlook the need to change their switch plates. While this should not be the case, as the switch plate is the first thing we lay our hands on when we step into the kitchen, maybe it’s deemed as an insignificant thing to be replaced.


If currently, you own plastic switch plates, try superseding it with steel plates. There are two reasons behind this recommendation. First one is, steel plates can be cleaned easily. Moreover, they protrude less when attached to the wall.


    4.     Lighting Fixtures

The lighting in the kitchen also plays a pivotal role in improving the overall effect of the place. Kitchen lighting varies from person to person. It depends on their preferences of whether the lighting would be mild or extra-bright.

For those who want to go for a serene look-feel, opt for dim lighting. This will keep the whole effect of the kitchen temperate, with only the overhead lighting fixture radiant. In this case, you can choose to have either pendant or ceiling lights.


    5.     Faucet

Another super easy tip for those thinking about upgrading their kitchens is to change the faucet. With some myriad faucet designs and types available in the market such as the single handle and dual handle faucets, down spray faucets etc., there can’t be a better way to enhance your sink.



Every woman dreams to have her own dream kitchen with flooring done in one way, the walls in oil paints or tiles, patterned cabinets to keep all the cookware, a designated spot on the backsplash to store spatulas etc.

However, the reality is a far outcry from this yearning. What she has to endure every day is the same old monotonous sight of discoloration of the walls, fissures over countertops, stained cabinets among others. Fear not.

Although your long-sought dream kitchen cannot be achieved all at once, you can get close to it by following these above-mentioned kitchen fixes in baby steps. Take your kitchen décor to the next level.

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