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This brass Shiva statue for home is also known as Shiva Mukhalingam. Lingams have been revered as a symbol of Shiva for countless years, and the art form eventually developed to include cast metal lingam covers known as “Mukhalingam,” which literally translates as “lingams with a face” and is as revered and powerful as the objects they cover. With exquisite engravings on the crown and face, skilled craftsmen from the South of India cast this imposing God Shiva statue with a third eye from solid brass. This piece of art can be hung on a wall or used as a standing sculpture. For all the antique collectors, this collection will be fantastic. The linga is a recognizable image of the Lord Shiva statue in Hindu iconography. Mukhalingam, which encases the standard linga, can be made of stone or from a metal sheath.

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