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Ceiling light fixtures are an excellent option to add ultra-modern style to our homes. From chandeliers to trendsetting pendant fixtures, the market is inundated with all varieties of these lamps

Ceiling light fixtures are an excellent option to add ultra-modern style to our homes. From chandeliers to trendsetting pendant fixtures, the market is inundated with all varieties of these lamps. While on one hand, this is very promising to those who have been racking their brains about replacing the run-of-the-mill tube lights with these stunning ceiling lights; on the other hand, it can be quite an overwhelming task finding the appropriate fixture which would be an amalgamation of utility and aesthetic appeal.

However, there are a few suggestions going by which you can choose the perfect style to create an enchanting ambiance in your home.So, let us have a sneak-peek at the different varieties of ceiling lamps and how to brighten up every space of your room.

Major Varieties of Ceiling Lamps

Though ceiling lamps come in a melange of shapes, sizes, colors and styles, the following types are the most common and fall in the vintage lighting as well.

1.     Chandeliers:

 Chandeliers are extravagant and luxurious lighting fixtures which exhibit elegance, everlasting appeal and absolute beauty. These amazing light fixtures are appropriate for large rooms with ample space where they can draw people’s attention to themselves. Available in a variety of color, style, and finish, they are made up of iron, brass, wood or other metals. Apart from being a great choice for home décor, chandeliers can also be a superb focal point for the visitors. Today, many websites have emerged that offer ceiling lightings for your home and is one of them. From colored chandeliers to crystal, it has miscellaneous fixtures as per your budget and taste. Why delay then? Give your living room a makeover with these exquisite chandeliers. 


2.     Pendant Lighting:

 Pendant lights are normally rectangular in shape and are suspended by chains that are fastened to the ceiling. These lights are suitable for the cooking area, especially over the island where it would directly illumine the place. These lighting fixtures radiate a warm appeal to the room while producing a very balmy effect on the eyes. The best part is that to clean them is a piece of cake. 


3.     Recessed Lighting:

 These lights are installed in the ceiling and emit a pleasant aura more than just highlighting the area. Recessed lights are perfect for enhancing the intimate appeal of your bedroom.


4.     Track Lighting:

 Track lighting is another means to spruce up your ceiling. This kind of lighting is much approved by the homeowners for their easy installation and minimum space. Another element which makes them beneficial is that the bulbs can be adjusted to a single direction until a favorable combination is attained.

5.     Other varieties of ceiling lamps include lantern lamps, fluorescent lights, etc. about which you can gather knowledge by visiting the ceiling lamps segment on As seen from above, of all, the hanging light fixtures tend to play a stand-out role. Here’s why.

Why is Hanging Light Ceiling Lighting the best?

The hanging fixtures allow the users to adjust the brightness and height according to their requirements. Having an exact knowledge regarding the lighting requirement of the area can make it easier for you to choose the appliances with the perfect height. Hanging fixtures are commonly used to attach pendants. The key benefits of utilizing hanging fixtures are described below.

Beautifying the interiors – 

 With the pendant fixtures accessible in lovely designs and color, you can either go for a pendant matching the color of your room or you can also opt for a contrasting look making it more prominent. 


Managing the brightness – 

 The second advantage of these hanging lights is that they can be fixed as per the convenience of the family members.  For example, a house with a ceiling of 16 feet cannot be at any cost hold lighting fixtures that high. It must be fixed at a considerably lower level from the ceiling to boost the brightness of the place.Since pendant lights illuminate only a small area, therefore, the height plays a crucial role in deciding how high or how low these hanging fixtures should be suspended. For this reason, it is imperative to hang the lights lower in a study area to prevent your eyes from being strained.



See how chandeliers have been used as a part of multi-cultural traditions for centuries.

  • The designing of chandeliers goes back to the Middle Ages that lasted from 5th century to 15th century. Carved from wood, the entire fixture hung from a hook attached to a chain or rope.
  • The designs became very intricate in the 15th century and mainly comprised of crowns and rings. When these chandeliers were lit at night, they evinced a majestic appeal and symbolized aristocracy and grandeur.
  • In the 18th century, chandeliers got highly decorated with curvy and long arms.
  • The 19th century witnessed the replacement of candle chandeliers with gas chandeliers. 1890 onwards, with the growth of electricity, electrically powered chandeliers took over the gas chandeliers.
  • Do you know what the dish is called which holds the candle? It is known as obeche. Its sole purpose is to grab the wax drips from the candle.
  • Antique chandeliers being crafted out of brass are considered to be heavier than the standard ones.
  • The installation of chandeliers ought to be done by an expert to lower the chances of their falling thereby leading to an accident.


This article above is an elaborate explanation on the wide variety of ceiling lamps, ways in which they can be used to obtain the most favorable outcome. It also enlightens you on the advantages of hanging light fixtures and some aspects of chandeliers that were unfamiliar to you till now. Now that you are well aware of their uses and benefits, supplant the mundane tube lights of your home with a luxurious chandelier or a soft-glowing pendant light and brace yourself for all the appreciation from your visitors!

Posted By : Neha Bhatia

Posted On: 07 September, 2022

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